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New Features in C# 7.3

by Jonathan Allen Follow 499 Followers on  May 18, 2018

Though a comparatively minor release, C# 7.3 addresses some long outstanding complaints from C# 1 and 2 such as overload resolution and generic constraints that work with enums and delegates.

.NET Follow 289 Followers

Build 2018: .NET Overview & Roadmap

by Michael Stiefel Follow 5 Followers on  May 17, 2018

At Microsoft Build 2018, Scott Hunter, director program management, .NET and Scott Hanselman, director community, .NET gave a session on the future of .NET. The thrust of the presentation was that .NET can be the platform for building any kind of application: desktop, web, cloud, mobile, gaming, IoT or AI. Your existing language skills are not wasted and can be used in new areas.

Culture & Methods Follow 523 Followers

Culture, Psychological Safety, and Emotional Intelligence for High Performance Teams

by Ben Linders Follow 20 Followers on  May 17, 2018

Humanity is the heart of the creative intellectual work that many of us are engaged in. The foundation of high-performance teams is people who have freedom and autonomy and feel safer. Games can be used to support self-awareness and connection and build team emotional intelligence onto safety.

Cloud Follow 239 Followers

Microsoft and Red Hat Announce a Managed OpenShift Offering on Azure

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 4 Followers on  May 17, 2018

Microsoft announced it would expand their partnership with Red Hat to offer a managed OpenShift on Azure, which will combine the capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure. Both Red Hat and Microsoft will join forces to design and engineer a Red Hat OpenShift on Azure, which will be available as a public preview in the coming months.

JavaScript Follow 320 Followers

RxJS 6 Release Improves Performance and Modularity

by Dylan Schiemann Follow 4 Followers on  May 16, 2018

The RxJS team has announced their 6.0 release, which improves the project's approach to modularity, streamlines performance, adds a backwards compatibility package to ease upgrades, and supports code migration for TypeScript users.

Architecture & Design Follow 1754 Followers

Migrating Medium to React.js and GraphQL

by Sergio De Simone Follow 12 Followers on  May 16, 2018

Medium migrated their existing system to a new architecture based on React.js and GraphQL. Two major goals of their endeavour, as Medium engineer Sasha T. Solomon explained, were making the new system incrementally available to users while not hindering development of new features.

Java Follow 786 Followers

Latest Roundup of EE4J Activities for Jakarta EE

by Michael Redlich Follow 11 Followers on  May 15, 2018

There has been a recent flurry of EE4J activity as the Eclipse Foundation is positioning Jakarta EE as the new home for cloud native Java. Numerous EE4J projects have been proposed, created, or are under creation review, and Microsoft has joined the Jakarta EE working group.

JavaScript Follow 320 Followers

Firefox Introduces Web Authentication API

by Kevin Ball Follow 3 Followers on  May 15, 2018

With the Firefox 60 release on May 9, Firefox became the first major browser to support the Web Authentication API. This API enables users to avoid text-based passwords for websites and instead uses a local device with a biometric check or private PIN to generate a secure cryptographic identifier. Support for the API is in development for Chrome and Edge, and under consideration for Safari.

Cloud Follow 239 Followers

Microsoft Announces Its Own Content Delivery Network in Public Preview

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 4 Followers on  May 15, 2018

Microsoft announced it would start to provide a public preview of their own Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enable customers to use and deliver content from it. With Azure CDN customers can allow their businesses to provide content on any of Microsoft’s extensive 54 global point-of-presence (POP) CDN in 33 countries.

Mobile Follow 126 Followers

Android Things 1.0 Supports More Hardware, Adds New Configuration UI

by Diogo Carleto Follow 30 Followers on  May 14, 2018

After a developer preview phase with over 100,000 SDK downloads, Google has released Android Things 1.0 with long-term support for production devices.

.NET Follow 289 Followers

First Look at Visual Studio 2017 15.8 with ARM64 Support

by Jeff Martin Follow 12 Followers on  May 14, 2018

The first preview of Visual Studio 2017 15.8 has been released, and includes the first support for the ARM64 platform.

DevOps Follow 648 Followers

Google Release "gVisor", a Lightweight Container Runtime Sandbox Used to Provide Secure Isolation

by Daniel Bryant Follow 594 Followers on  May 14, 2018

Google has released gVisor, a new kind of sandbox that can be used to provide secure isolation for containers that is less resource intensive than running a full VM. At its core gVisor is an open source user-space kernel, written in Go, that implements a substantial portion of the Linux system surface. The project includes an OCI runtime called “runsc” that integrates with Docker and Kubernetes.

Architecture & Design Follow 1754 Followers

PyTorch 1.0 Announced for Research and Production AI Projects

by Kent Weare Follow 9 Followers on  May 14, 2018

In a recent blog post, Bill Jia announced a new 1.0 version of PyTorch. PyTorch is an open source AI framework package for Python with Tensor computation and Deep Neural Networks. The importance of this new release is the reduction in time required to move an AI-driven project from the research phase to production while improving the accuracy and performance of these applications.

Java Follow 786 Followers

Q&A with Bob McWhirter on WildFly Swarm Rename to Thorntail

by Kesha Williams Follow 1 Followers on  May 14, 2018

In early 2015, Red Hat released Wildfly Swarm, which allows Java EE based applications to run as microservices. The approach allowed developers to migrate Java EE monolith applications to microservices by creating an uber-JAR that not only contains the Java program but embeds its dependencies as well. Wildfly Swarm was recently renamed to Thorntail. 

DevOps Follow 648 Followers

Terratest - an Open Source Go Library for Automated Infrastructure Testing

by Hrishikesh Barua Follow 11 Followers on  May 13, 2018

Gruntwork open sourced their Go framework Terratest which can be used to write automated tests for testing infrastructure. The library comes with support for Terraform and Packer.

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