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SpringOne 2017 Keynote 2

Posted by Chip Childers  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Chip Childers Follow 0 Followers , Paul Fazzone Follow 0 Followers , James Watters Follow 0 Followers , Niki Allen Follow 0 Followers , Juergen Hoeller  Followers , Enrique Oti Follow 0 Followers , Kim Bannerman Follow 0 Followers , Meaghan Kjelland Follow 0 Followers , Mark Fisher Follow 0 Followers , Cornelia Davis Follow 0 Followers , Erin Schnabel Follow 0 Followers , Mathangi Venkatesan Follow 0 Followers , Therese Stowell Follow 0 Followers , Jon Schneider Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

The Pivotal team and their customers present an overview of the current Cloud Foundry and Spring 5 ecosystem, with a technical focus on cloud native applications and reactive programming.

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Power of Google Cloud Platform with Spring Cloud GCP

Posted by Mark Fisher  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Mark Fisher Follow 0 Followers , João Martins Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Mark Fisher and João Martins discuss using the Spring Cloud adapters for GCP to develop cloud native applications.

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Expand Cloud Foundry for the Enterprise

Posted by Tim Leong  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Tim Leong Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Tim Leong discusses how Comcast leverages BOSH, the Service Broker API and Custom Buildpacks to add functionality to their DevOps teams to deploy and maintain geographically dispersed applications.

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Five Cloud Native Ops Superpowers: Yes, You Can Do That!

Posted by Dave Bartoletti  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Dave Bartoletti Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Dave Bartoletti discusses the benefits of doing operations with cloud native.

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How to Continuously Deliver Your Platform with Concourse

Posted by Brian Kirkland  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Brian Kirkland Follow 0 Followers , Ryan Pei Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Brian Kirkland and Ryan Pei discuss continuous delivery and show how to setup a Concourse pipeline.

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Automate Project Initiation to Deploy in Minutes

Posted by Shawn Sherwood  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by Shawn Sherwood Follow 0 Followers , Ted Tollefson Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Ted Tollefson and Shawn Sherwood show how Kroger Technology has leveraged the APIs of Spring Initializr, Cloud Foundry, CI/CD tools, and databases to automate project initiation.

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Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

Posted by Isaac Potoczny-Jones  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Isaac Potoczny-Jones Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

Isaac Potoczny-Jones discusses the impact of programming abstractions on the correctness of cryptographic code, and shows why some cryptographic libraries succeed while others fail.

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The Present and Future of Serverless Observability

Posted by Yan Cui  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Yan Cui Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

Yan Cui overviews the challenges observing a serverless architecture, the tradeoffs to consider, the current state of the tooling for serverless observability, taking a look at new and coming tools.

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Testing Observability

Posted by Amy Phillips  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Amy Phillips Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

Amy Phillips discusses the impact of observability on testing, from new techniques, greater Dev and Ops involvement, right through to whether testing is needed anymore.

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Diversity & Inclusion in Tech: A Panel Discussion

Posted by Karen Casella  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Karen Casella Follow 0 Followers , Randy Shoup Follow 20 Followers , Karen Catlin Follow 0 Followers , Susan Nesbitt Follow 0 Followers , Steve Johnson Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

The panelists explore how and why diversity is important, key challenges they encountered, success stories and ideas for how each can help foster a more inclusive technical organization.

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Streamlining Online Checkout Using Web Standards

Posted by Michel Weksler  on  Apr 05, 2018 Posted by Michel Weksler Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 05, 2018

Michel Weksler talks about the Payment Request API family of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and how they can be used to streamline checkout across the web.

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Taming Distributed Stateful Pets with Kubernetes

Posted by Matthew Bates  on  Apr 04, 2018 Posted by Matthew Bates Follow 0 Followers , James Munnelly Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 04, 2018

Matthew Bates,James Munnelly explain how to use StatefulSet and dynamic volume provisioning to manage the lifecycle of distributed and secure Cassandra clusters with the open source project Navigator.

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