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  • The Myth of Product Mindset: It's What You Do, Not How You Think

    Companies nowadays are looking for ways to cultivate a product mindset. While the idea of cultivating a “product mindset” allows us to focus primarily on ourselves, actually transforming our organizations often means changing our behavior to focus on our customers and how we work together to serve them.

  • Lessons from an Ex-Project Manager Turned Product Manager

    To survive as a product manager, you need to put strategy first and be able to balance it alongside being heavily involved in delivery. All ideas need testing, and you need to truly listen to your customers to deeply understand their problems, said Emma Sephton. She shared her lessons learned from becoming a product manager at the Agile Greece Summit 2019.

  • Effectively Using Jira with an Overarching Vision

    Dzmitry Hryb of Atlassian partner DevInit has recently published an article responding to a TechCrunch story that claimed using Jira's issue-centric model could result in a myopia, which misses the "macro-vision." Recent writing by architect Eltjo R. Poort and DevOps lead Matt Saunders also offers patterns for using Jira with other best-fit tools to capture vision and architectural direction.

  • Q&A on Innovation in the Enterprise

    Markus Andrezak talked about innovation in the enterprise at the the GOTO Berlin 2015 conference. InfoQ interviewed him on misunderstandings on innovation and asked him about solutions that enterprises can use to develop innovative products.