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  • The Database as a Value

    During QCon New York 2013, Rich Hickey gave a talk on functional databases. Hickey is well known for creating the Clojure programming language and is currently developing Datomic, which is a functional database. During his talk, Hickey argued that the useful properties of functional languages: data as values and pure functions, are just as useful in the context of databases.

  • How Netflix Deploys Code

    Netflix deploys a hundred times per day, without the use of Chef or Puppet, without a quality assurance department and without release engineers. To do this, Netflix built an advanced in-house PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows each team to deploy their own part of the infrastructure whenever they want, however many times they require.

  • Wrangling WebRTC: Challenges and Opportunities for Real-Time Communication

    At QCon New York 2013, Gustavo Garcia gave a talk on WebRTC, the new real-time communication component of HTML5. WebRTC is a set of technologies that enable real-time, low-latency communication between peers, for instance to used for video and audio conferencing as well as gaming.

  • The Post-HTTP Era: Real-Time Web Apps With Meteor

    During the HTML5 Track at QCon New York 2013 Matt DeBergalis gave a talk on Meteor, the open-source real-time web application framework that DeBergalis co-founded. On the modern web, clients get increasingly capable and more and more work happens in the client. However, the tools to build these modern web applications, DeBergalis argues, have not caught up.

  • QCon New York 2013 in 6 Weeks (June 10-14); Top Tracks, Sessions, and Speakers

    Going into its second year, QCon New York 2013 (Jun 10-14) will be the largest east coast event for senior influencers in software development. This year's conference is expected to draw over 550 attendees and will feature over 100 speakers presenting across 18 tracks. With only 6 weeks left before the event, there is still time to save $300 if you register before May 24th.

  • QCon New York Update (June 10-14): JavaScript, HTML5, Future of Mobile Tracks; Schedule Now Live

    The schedule is live for QCon New York 2013 with registrations 60% ahead of last year at this time and 65/100 speakers confirmed. Hear about the latest tools, trends, and innovations in Mobile, JavaScript, and HTML5 development across three in-depth tracks and many tutorials. You can get in early by reserving your seat now, saving $400 by Apr 19th.

  • QCon New York 2013: 50/100 speakers confirmed; Talks from NASA, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix

    Over 50 speakers have been confirmed for the second annual QCon New York 2013. QCon New York will take place at the New York Marriott just outside of Manhattan (at the Brooklyn Bridge) on June 10-14, 2013. Registration is open and new speakers and sessions are being posted to the conference site every week.You can get in early by reserving your seat now saving up to $500 by Mar 15th.

  • Announcing QCon New York 2013 (June 12-14); Registration Open; Tracks Announced

    Registration is now open for QCon New York 2013 (Jun 12-14). Some of this year's 15 tracks include: Polyglot Architectures, Hot Technologies in Financial Services, Java Innovations, Lean Startup Applied, Continuous Delivery, Applied Data Science, the JavaScript Ecosystem, HTML5, Mobile Development, and more. Register before Feb 15th and save $650.