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  • Vertebra: EngineYard's Next Generation Cloud Computing Platform

    At RailsConf 2008, Ezra Zygmuntowicz announced Vertebra, a next generation cloud computing platform that builds on Erlang, Ruby and XMPP. We talked to Ezra to learn about Vertebra, which will soon be open sourced.

  • Rubinius runs Rails, Merb

    A major milestone for Rubinius: Rails, ActiveRecord and Merb have successfully been run on Rubinius.

  • MagLev: Gemstone builds Ruby runtime based on Smalltalk VM

    OODB vendor Gemstone works on a Ruby VM called MagLev. Working with Seaside's and DabbleDB's Avi Bryant, Gemstone bases the Ruby runtime on their Smalltalk VM to offer performance and powerful persistence features. We talked to Avi Bryant and Gemstone's Bob Walker about the technology behind MagLev and the plans for it.

  • Interview: Charles Nutter discusses JRuby

    JRuby project lead Charles Nutter discusses how he got involved with JRuby, Sun's involvement with JRuby, how JRuby fits into enterprise-level web applications, the possibility of a friendly fork of the OpenJDK source code, reasons for switching to JRuby, the future of JRuby, Spring and JRuby, and the Ruby community as a whole.

  • Railsconf 2007 Registrations Selling Quickly

    Don't miss the premier event of the Ruby on Rails world coming up in late May. A majority of the registrations are already sold as the level of Ruby and Rails community excitment rides high.

  • Interview: David Black on the Success of Ruby

    Noted Ruby community leader and author David Black puts the success of Ruby and the growth of its community in historical perspective, why Matz is an optimal custodian for the language, and the overall success of Ruby and Rails and related conferences. We also discuss David's book Ruby for Rails, and why it's needed at this time by the Rails community.

  • Martin Fowler on Enterprise Rails

    Martin Fowler likens DHH to Kent Beck and draws conclusions about the future of Ruby and Rails in enterprisey settings.

  • David Heinemeier Hansson's RailsConf Keynote Address Now Online

    A defining keynote address by David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, has been made available in video format to watch online.

  • RailsDay 2006 Announced

    RailsDay 2006 is a 24 hour competition scheduled to be held in mid-June, right before RailsConf. During the contest, teams of Ruby on Rails developers from around the world will compete for valuable prizes to see who can author the best Rails application in just a day.