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RavenDB Founder On .NET, ACID with NoSQL, Upcoming Features

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jan 22, 2013

RavenDB 2.0 was recently released with several new features. In an InfoQ exclusive interview, Oren Eini (Ayende Rahien), founder and project lead of RavenDB, shares the rationale behind various decisions in the project, as well as what’s coming up.

RavenDB Gets Better Performance, Tooling, Async APIs

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Dec 24, 2012

RavenDB 2.0 RC was recently released with a better tooling, a new Changes() API, Eval Patching, better indexing performance and several other improvements.

Udi Dahan and Oren Eini (Ayende) on NServiceBus 3.0

by Jon Arild Tørresdal on  Apr 02, 2012

NServiceBus 3.0 was recently released and InfoQ talked to Udi Dahan, the creator of NServiceBus, about the new features of the latest release. One of which is the RavenDb integration, a fairly new document data store written in .NET and created by Oren Eini (Ayende). InfoQ also took the opportunity to ask Ayende some questions and what the integration means for his own Rhino Service Bus.

Raven: Building Java with Ruby

by Rob Thornton on  Nov 07, 2006

A new alternative in the building tools space is Raven. Raven allows you to use Ruby tools such as Rake and Gem to build Java projects. Build scripts are Ruby scripts, rather than being XML files, and it imports your local Maven repository and handles dependencies.