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InfoQ Homepage Research Defect Identification & Management Practices in Software Development – Part 2

Defect Identification & Management Practices in Software Development – Part 2


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This research item is the second of two that look at the defect identification and management practices in software development.

A defect is behaviour that is in some way unintended in a software product – the visible evidence of a mistake made somewhere in the development process, perhaps a requirement stated incorrectly (or left out), a design that overlooked how something should be done, or a coding error.

Almost all software development approaches incorporate processes for tracking, recording, measuring and resolving defects.

The first research item identified team organisation/structure elements.

The intent of this second research item is to identify the effectiveness of the different techniques in use.

Please rank the following items against the two dimensions of Importance and Implementation.


Topics to Rank:

  • Defects assigned to work-in-progress (work on an item as soon as it is identified as a defect)
  • Defects added to the product backlog to be prioritised later
  • Defect backlog reviewed daily at standup
  • Defect backlog tracked by age
  • Defect backlog tracked by priority
  • Defect backlog tracked by iteration
  • Defect backlog tracked by release
  • Public defect repository
  • Logs updated daily
  • Logs under change control
  • Defects mapped to requirements (stories, features, etc.)
  • Defects mapped to tests
  • Use automated tool
  • Tool part of integrated toolset
  • Standalone quality tools (Bugzilla, etc.)

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