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What's Your Next Language on the Javascript Platform?


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JavaScript VMs are ubiquitous. Every platform has at least one fast, well supported JavaScript VM. The JavaScript platform spans servers, desktop/laptops, mobile, and the embedded space might be next with products like Tessel. Various vendors have been hard at work making existing JavaScript code fast, new projects such as asm.js allow developers to write code that can be compiled efficiently, while WebCL or ParallelJS aim to bring parallelism to JavaScript. 

A long list of languages for the JavaScript platform exists - but who actually uses them? Are you planning to use CoffeeScript for your next project or use ClojureScript to write client logic for your Clojure web application? 

InfoQ wants to know - what language will you use for your next JavaScript project? 


Disclaimer: the list of languages was chosen based on the activity and maturity of the respective projects. If the language of your next JavaScript project is not on this list, feel free to tell us all about it in the comments.  We also chose to ignore many languages that merely add certain features to JavaScript, see the alt.js website for a full list. 

Javascript-specific Languages

Ports or alternative backends of non-Javascript languages