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Ruby On Rails State of Practice: Deployment and Management


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Rails developers can draw from a huge pool of libraries to build their applications. Dozens of options are available just for templating: do you use ERB, HAML, SASS, or do you prefer a JavaScript approach with Backbone.js or Knockout.js? The possibilities are endless, so we want to find out what our readers are using, or planning to use in the future.

In a first step (RFP), we asked you for suggestions. We received many answers, and now start with a first question about deployment & management. On the x-axis, you can show us what you’re using right now, or what you’ve moved away from and what you plan to adopt next. The y-axis indicates how valuable you think the specific technology or library is.

Here are the options:

  • Apache + Passenger: also known as mod_rails, fast and easy to install
  • Capistrano: running commands in parallel on multiple servers
  • Chef: infrastructure automation for your servers
  • Heroku: the cloud application platform
  • Lighttpd: the lightweight web server alternative
  • logstash: log and event management
  • Mongrel: the web server written in Ruby
  • Nagios: infrastructure monitoring
  • Nginx: high performance web server and proxy
  • Thin: fast and simple Ruby web server
  • Torquebox: Ruby application platform built on JBoss and JRuby
  • Trinidad: running your Rails or Rack applications on Tomcat
  • Unicorn: the Unix friendly HTTP server for fast clients




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