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  • InfoQ Case Study: NASDAQ Market Replay

    In this case study InfoQ reviews the usage of Adobe AIR and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) in the NASDAQ Market Replay application. NASDAQ Market Replay provides a NASDAQ-validated replay and analysis of the activity in the stock market. The combination of S3 and AIR offers a powerful deployment model with little internal infrastructure required.

  • Building Web and Desktop Applications with BlazeDS and AMF

    Client/server communication is a key part of today's RIA architectures. In this article James Ward and Shashank Tiwari dive into Adobe's open source BlazeDS messaging server. The article describes the benefits of the AMF data format and how to use BlazeDS with a Java based server side application.

  • Book Excerpt and Interview: FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby

    "FXRuby: Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby" is a new book about the FXRuby GUI library. InfoQ talked to the book's author Lyle Johnson. Also: an InfoQ-exclusive sample chapter from the book.

  • Fine Grained Versioning with ClickOnce

    ClickOnce makes it easy to deploy WinForms applications. But while it has some versioning support, it has no built in way to deliver different versions to different people. This makes partial rollouts to a test audience difficult. David Cooksey shows how to fine grained versioning to a ClickOnce deployment using an HttpHandler written with ASP.NET.

  • WPF Unleashed - Review and Sample Chapter

    WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan has been leading the Amazon charts in positive reviews, so we thought we would take it for a spin. Turns out, the book lives up to the hype. In addition, InfoQ was able to obtain the most important chapter of the book. Chapter 3 includes coverage of WPF's property and event system, a system that is unlike anything else on the Windows platform.

  • Book Excerpt and Review: Filthy Rich Clients - Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java Applications

    Desktop Java developers have long lacked resources on pushing the graphical appearance of their applications. The new book Filthy Rich Clients: Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java Applications attempts to fill this void. InfoQ is privileged to provide both a review and an excerpt of Chapter 14 detailing the Timing Framework library that makes Java animation easier.

  • Rich Office Client Applications

    There is a client platform that's already present on nearly every user's desktop, one which provides an amazing amount of power and flexibility in its user interface options, and provides a familiar user-interactive style that undergoes intensive study with every release. Ted Neward introduces the Microsoft Office platform as a rich client technology with examples of Excel - Java integration.

  • Eclipse RCP & OSGi on the Client & Server

    RPC software provides ERP and project planning solutions to the contract furniture industry. This case study takes a look at how they are using Eclipse RCP and other Eclipse technology to respond to customer needs at a rapid pace while continuing to providing a first class user experience.

  • WPF as a Rich Client Technology

    WPF makes it easy to create visually impressive app, but WPF also has other talents which make it a compelling choice as a rich client over back-end services written in any technology such as Java, Ruby, or .NET. This article compares WPF to alternatives such as Ajax/DHTML, Swing, and Flash; it will also look at some scenarios where a WPF client makes sense, using Java as the back-end example.

  • Casestudy: IP Telephony Integration

    This case study takes at Litescape's IP telephone integration solution, from requirements through an architectural overview of their Java and .NET implementation, and then zooming in some interesting technical aspects of their project including phone integration with WebEx/LiveMeeting, integration between Java/.NET interop, HTTP vs. IPC communication between systems installed on the same machine.


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