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  • C# Static Analysis Tool Roslynator.Analyzers Now Has over 500 Ways to Improve Code

    The new version 2.3.1 of the Roslynator.Analyzers package brings the number of analyzers, refactorings and fixes to over 500. Roslynator uses the open-source Roslyn .NET Compiler Platform to perform static analysis on your C# code. This analysis drives your IDE to display hints and actions to improve your code.

  • Anders Hejlsberg Explains Modern Compiler Construction

    The main reference in compiler construction, Compiler: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, also know as the Dragon Book, was first published in 1986. Anders Hejlsberg, known for his work on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C# and TypeScript, explains in a Channel 9 interview how compiler construction today is different from how it was done 30 years ago.

  • Advanced Pattern Matching Features Removed From C# 7

    Advanced pattern matching features that were originally expected to be present in C# 7 have been recently excluded from the future branch and will not make it into the next version of the language.

  • The SharpDevelop Community Releases Refactoring Essentials 2

    The SharpDevelop Community recently released version 2 of Refactoring Essentials for Visual Studio. The release brings new analyzers, new refactorings and several improvements to the Visual Studio extension.

  • CodeRush on Roslyn

    CodeRush for Roslyn (CRR) is a new product from DevExpress, distinct from its predecessor CodeRush Classic. Its main difference is the use of Microsoft’s compiler platform, Roslyn. CCR isn’t offering all the features of its predecessor yet; they are being added as new versions are released.

  • QuickVB: A Roslyn Based IDE in the Spirit of QuickBasic

    In honor of the 50th Anniversary of BASIC, Microsoft’s VB team created a Roslyn powered homage to QuickBasic. This IDE looks like the original, but has modern features such as code completion.

  • Highlights from Build 2014’s Second Keynote

    Today felt like a day of housekeeping. Mostly it was about promoting products from preview/beta to production status. There were some big revelations around opening sourcing Roslyn the formation of the .NET Foundation, but even these were just doing what the community has been asking for all along.

  • Build Your Own IDE with Gemini

    Do you need your own IDE for your project’s domain specific language? One option is Visual Studio Shell, but that is often far too massive to deploy and can be difficult to work with. A lightweight alternative is the Gemini framework by Tim Jones.

  • ScriptCS: Turning C# into a Scripting Language

    ScriptCS enables developers to write C# applications using a simple text editor. Compilation is performed by Roslyn and package management by NuGet.

  • Microsoft's Roslyn Compiler APIs Updated for Visual Studio 2012

    Roslyn, Microsoft's "compiler as a service", has been updated this week with a September 2012 CTP. This release adds support for Visual Studio 2012 (while dropping Visual Studio 2010), introduces new language features for VB and C#, and includes several updates to the APIs.

  • Code Analysis with Project Roslyn

    Microsoft's Dustin Campbell recently presented a survey of Project Roslyn and provided a demonstration of sample code showing how the project enables Visual Studio to refactor code according to user-defined behaviors.