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  • Virtual Panel: New JavaScript Frameworks Targeting HTML5

    by on  Jun 17, 2010 4

    During the last year, HTML5 has gained general acceptance as one of the dominant development platforms for both the classic and the mobile Web. In that time new JavaScript frameworks have evolved that directly target this platform and attempt to set a new paradigm for Web development.

  • The State of JRuby: 1.5, AOT, Java 7

    by on  Jun 02, 2010

    InfoQ caught up with Charles Nutter to talk about the state of JRuby: the 1.5 release, Ahead of Time compilation, and what's coming up in 1.6 and with features in Java 7.

  • Building a WPF Application in IronRuby

    by on  May 25, 2010 2

    Building upon the previous article introducing IronRuby, this article explores how to work with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) within IronRuby. In addition to a detailed example of an IronRuby WPF sample application, others areas covered include event handling, working with XAML, inheriting from CLR classes, and reducing verbosity in IronRuby code.

Architecting TekPub - Moving from ASP.NET MVC to Ruby on Rails

Posted by on  May 19, 2010

TekPub is an interesting case about company who started on ASP.NET MVC and quickly moved to Ruby on Rails. We had the opportunity to talk with them about their technology turnaround. 21

What's IronRuby, and How Do I Put It on Rails?

Posted by on  May 13, 2010

IronRuby is Microsoft's implementation of Ruby on the .NET framework. This article introduces IronRuby, and covers running Rails applications in IronRuby as well as potential issues to look out for. 2

Book Excerpt and Interview: Deploying HTML5

Posted by on  May 06, 2010

Deploying HTML5 is a book written by Aditya Yadav, explaining the HTML5 standard components, showing how they are implemented across major browsers and providing code samples for using them. 1

JSR 292 and the Multi-lingual JVM

Posted by on  Apr 27, 2010

Java 7 aims to improve support for dynamic languages through JSR 292. InfoQ takes a detailed look at the problems JSR 292 solves, and talks to JRuby lead Charles Nutter about JSR 292 in practice. 5

Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2010

Posted by on  Apr 06, 2010

The main takeway points and lessons learned from QCon London 2010 as seen by the many attendees who blogged about QCon. Experience QCon through the opinions of the attendees!

Scaling Clojure Web Apps with Google AppEngine

Posted by on  Apr 05, 2010

InfoQ takes a look at how a combo of Clojure and Google AppEngine (GAE) powers a new online project management tool, how Clojure integrates with GAE's key/value store, and the power of LISP. 5

Scout - Extensible Server and Application Monitoring

Posted by on  Feb 16, 2010

Scout is an extensible server and application monitoring service which focuses upon ease of installation and configuration.

Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon San Francisco 2009

Posted by on  Dec 15, 2009

The main takeway points and lessons learned from QCon San Francisco 2009 as seen by the many attendees who blogged about QCon. Experience QCon through the opinions of the attendees!

Building FlightCaster's Frontends for the Web and Smartphones

Posted by on  Sep 18, 2009

In part two of InfoQ's interview with the FlightCaster team, we discuss scaling Rails on Heroku, the problems of integrating data from multiple providers and mobile smartphone applications.

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