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  • Drools 5.0 Supports Workflow and Event Processing

    The latest version of Drools, an open source business logic integration platform, supports workflow and event processing. Drools development team recently announced the release of Drools 5.0 final version. The major shift is that Drools 5.0 focus is on a knowledge oriented system rather than just a rules oriented system. The new version has four modules called Guvnor, Expert, Fusion and Flow.

  • Securing the Web with Decentralized Information Flow Control

    Max Krohn and his colleagues at MIT developed a new end-to-end security architecture to help achieving data secrecy and integrity across complex Web Applications. In this talk and a series of papers, Max presents their findings and a use case based on MoinMoin Wiki.

  • Rules versus Procedural Code

    Paul Haley, rule technology visionary, discusses criteria for choosing rule engines versus procedural code in business process solutions, as well as examining the current state of BPM/BRM integration.

  • Unified Rules Engine and Processes

    Mark Proctor, the JBoss Drools Project Lead, and Kris Verlaenen the Ruleflow lead present their vision for unifying rules and processes to provide a truly unified modeling environment with rules and processes as first class citizens, tightly integrated modeling GUIs, single unified engine and apis for compilation/building, deployment and runtime execution.

  • Book Excerpt and Review: Smart (Enough) Systems

    Smart (enough) Systems is a book about Enterprise Decision Management. To make your systems smart enough, your core problem is knowing what's the right decision to make and how to make it when required. EDM is becoming a strategic area in IT as many organizations have found a gap between gaining insights from business intelligence and taking action to exploit that insight in operational decisions.

  • JBoss Drools 4.0: Business rules now more accessible to non-programmers

    JBoss Drools, an open-source business rules engine, recently reached version 4.0. InfoQ took the opportunity to learn more about JBoss Drools and its current and future capabilities.

  • Article: Implementation of business rules and business processes in SOA

    Boris Lublinsky and Didier Le Tien discuss how business process engines and business rule engines differ, where their respective strengths are and when to use what in an SOA context. They discuss commonalities and differences between business rules and business processes and present some guidelines on positioning business rules in SOA implementation and appropriate usage of each technology.