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  • Salesforce Open-Sources Language-Vision AI Toolkit LAVIS

    Salesforce Research recently open-sourced LAnguage-VISion (LAVIS), a unified library for deep-learning language-vision research. LAVIS supports more than 10 language-vision tasks on 20 public datasets and includes pre-trained model weights for over 30 fine-tuned models.

  • Deploy Salesforce on Major Public Clouds with Hyperforce

    In a recent press release, Salesforce announced Hyperforce, a new capability allowing customers to deploy Salesforce on major public cloud platforms Azure, AWS, Google, and Alibaba. With Hyperforce, the company redesigned the Salesforce architecture to provide a more scalable platform for its global customer base.

  • Salesforce Releases Photon Natural Language Interface for Databases

    A team of scientists from Salesforce Research and Chinese University of Hong Kong have released Photon, a natural language interface to databases (NLIDB). The team used deep-learning to construct a parser that achieves 63% accuracy on a common benchmark and an error-detecting module that prompts users to clarify ambiguous questions.

  • Web Components at Scale at Salesforce: Challenges Encountered, Lessons Learnt

    Diego Ferreiro Val, principal architect at Salesforce, co-creator of Lightning Web Components (LWC), talked at WebComponentsSF about the challenges and lessons in building a platform leveraging web components at enterprise scale. Albeit with missing pieces, the web components standard was instrumental to achieve Salesforce’s interoperability, backward and forward compatibility objectives at scale.

  • Microsoft, Salesforce and the Ethereum Foundation Join Open-Source Hyperledger Blockchain Project

    In a recent press release, Hyperledger, an open-source blockchain and distributed ledger project, announced eight new members have joined their consortium including Microsoft, Salesforce and the Ethereum Foundation. These organizations join established members like Airbus, Cisco, IBM and Intel.

  • Salesforce Adds Intelligence to its Einstein Services Offering

    In a recent press release, Salesforce announced additions to their Einstein platform that target bringing AI solutions to Salesforce developers and admins using a low code, point and click configuration-based solution. The recent additions to the platform include Einstein Translation and Einstein Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Salesforce Brings Cognitive to CRM, Launches 3 New Services

    In a recent blog post, Salesforce announced the addition of three cognitive services to its Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The three new services enable detecting sentiment, intent and object detection. Salesforce customers can then use these services to automate insight and use predictive modelling within their CRM apps.

  • Building Conversational and Text Interfaces Using Amazon Lex

    At the recent AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon introduced a preview of their deep learning technology called Amazon Lex which can be used to build conversational interfaces using voice and text. Amazon Lex is powered on the same deep learning technology as Alexa, which is used in the portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled Amazon Echo speaker.

  • Microsoft Flow Reaches General Availability

    Microsoft recently announced the General Availability of Microsoft Flow, a cloud-based automation platform that provides workflow and connectivity capabilities across many popular online and on-premises services. Since the preview, in April 2016, 117,000 people from 61,000 organizations have used the service to automate their business processes.

  • Microsoft PowerApps Reaches General Availability

    After a six-month preview of PowerApps, Microsoft has reached General Availability (GA) with the cross-platform business application productivity service. PowerApps is now available for production usage in six regions, in 42 languages, with a 99.9% SLA.

  • Introduces Extensive Changes to Developer Experience

    At their massive Dreamforce conference, cloud leader unveiled Salesforce DX: a new model for building and deploying applications to their platform. InfoQ spoke to VP of Product for Salesforce DX, Wade Wegner, for all the details.

  • Salesforce Enters IoT Market

    At Salesforce’s recent Dreamforce conference, the company announced an upcoming IoT platform that will allow for the ingestion of real time data and turn it into actionable tasks across its suite of cloud based services.

  • The CRM Landscape as Viewed by Teamleader

    Last month, Teamleader won the HenQ award of the Boost competition at The Next Web Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Benny Waelput from Teamleader discusses about the present and future of CRM systems.

  • New Connector Links Heroku and Data Repositories

    Heroku – acquired by in 2010 – has just introduced its first built-in integration service for the two cloud platforms. This bi-directional data synchronization between Heroku Postgres and the Salesforce (Oracle) database is positioned as a way to connect mobile, consumer facing applications hosted in Heroku with business systems running in Salesforce.

  • Woos Windows Developers with New Toolkits for .NET is attempting to make it easier for .NET developers to consume its web services thanks to a new pair of open-source Toolkits. These Toolkits target the REST API and Chatter API and are the brainchild of Salesforce Platform Advocate Wade Wegner who talked to InfoQ about the goals and logistics of building these components.