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  • Book Review and Excerpt: Scalability Rules

    Martin Abbott and Michael Fisher's book, Scalability Rules, is a compilation of 50 rules for scaling applications based on experience garnered at eBay, Intuit, PayPal, Etsy, Folica and Salesforce. The book is a handy reference for experienced and novice architects, managers, developers and operations personnel through a mix of heuristics and a priority-benefit model to rank the rules.

  • Large-Scale Agile Design & Architecture: Ways of Working

    During my 2011 QCon London keynote on "Scaling Lean & Agile: Large, Multisite or Offshore Delivery", I mentioned — as an aside — that, "Architecture is a bad metaphor. We don't construct our software like a building, we grow it like a garden." This prompted many a tweet, and some people were interested in clarification or elaboration.

  • Gregg Pollack and the How-To of Scaling Rails

    Ruby on Rails has done well since its introduction a few years ago but has taken some criticism for not being able to scale. Developers know there is always a right way and a wrong way to solve any problem and scaling Ruby on Rails is no different. Learn about what is being done to address Ruby on Rails and scaling to the enterprise.

  • Using the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    Nick Gunn provides a practical introduction the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime for .NET. CCR radically changes the way multi-threaded applications are written in .NET, shifting the focus from threads and locks to lightweight, asynchronous tasks.

  • Building Scalability and Achieving Performance: A Virtual Panel

    Join our industry-heavyweight (eBay, Betfair, FiveRuns and Twitter) panel as they explore the cost of making their sites as scalable as possible, whilst tuning to get the most performance they possibly can. They explore the pros-and-cons of making their apps as awesome as possible - all the while under the pressure of their business requirements.


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