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  • Server and Network Operations Automation at Dropbox

    Dropbox's engineering team wrote about their network and server provisioning and validation automation tool called Pirlo. Pirlo has a pluggable architecture based on a MySQL backed custom job queue implementation.

  • Redfish: A New API for Managing Servers

    Redfish 1.0 is defined as a standard and a RESTful API for the management of scale-out commodity servers. Although it was created with the current needs of scalable architectures in mind, Redfish can be used for the management or the integration of the older platforms and their tool chains.

  • Managing Change with Immutable Servers

    Immutable servers provide extreme levels of control over system state, however this can require fundamental changes in the views of systems, patterns, deployments, application code, and team structure as Chad Fowler, CTO of, writes in his recent blog post "Trash Your Servers and Burn Your Code: Immutable Infrastructure and Disposable Components".

  • Updating Web Applications Running In Production with LiveRebel 2.0

    ZeroTurnaround brings its hotpatching technology into production deployments via LiveRebel, a solution for online updates of Java EE applications. New in this version are the improved user interface and the transactional nature of updates (fully reversible).

  • LiveRebel 1.0: No-Downtime Production Updates

    ZeroTurnaround's LiveRebel 1.0 aims to alleviate downtime and lost sessions in server deployment automation. In this Q&A with Zero Turnaround, InfoQ discusses tooling support and how to improve processes that are largely manual and partially scripted.