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  • PojoSR brings Service Registry to Java

    Karl Pauls has released PojoSR 0.1.6, a service registry that enables OSGi bundles to be loaded and services wired together without the need for a full OSGi runtime stack. PojoSR differs from the full OSGi platform in that it does not use nested classloaders; so badly behaved libraries like Hibernate – which are often tripped up in a structured OSGi environment – continue to work as normal.

  • Microsoft Introduces .Net RIA Services

    Yesterday, Microsoft released .Net RIA Services which was mostly in stealth mode until now. In his presentation at MIX 09, Nikhil Kothari, explained "n-tier development and architecture is hard and un-natural. Our goal is to bring ASP.NET / RAD style productivity to RIA developmend"

  • Oracle Unveils ts SOA Product Strategy

    After the Oracle acquisition of BEA it was not clear how Oracle was going to integrate often competing SOA products in its and BEA’s portfolio. In his presentation last month David Shaffer, VP Product Managemen for, Oracle Integration, described the Oracle-BEA product Strategy and Roadmap for SOA, BPM, Governance and Events.


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