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  • Containers Are Contagious and Often Misused

    Let’s get something straight right right from the start— this article is not to argue that containers are bad; containers are certainly one of many great options developers have in their hands today. This article is also not scoped at the pros/cons of containers; my intent is just to present the developers and dev leads with some considerations around containers.

  • Driving Architectural Simplicity - The Value, Challenge, and Practice of Simple Solutions

    Simple architectures are the most efficient and, subsequently, successful over their lifetime. Achieving simplicity is hard and requires continuous dedication. As an industry, we need to focus more on the system quality of architectural simplicity.

  • Agile Architecture Applied

    Agile is adaptive. When and how to apply architecture depends on the context. This article first explains why this is the case and then how you can still give proper attention to architecture in an agile setting. Adaptability and conversation are the essentials.

  • Book Excerpt: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

    Very little in our education or experience properly prepares a ScrumMaster or project manager for the role of agile coach. This leaves most wondering, "What is my role in a self-organized team? How do I help the team yet stay hands-off?" This chapter, excerpted from the book Coaching Agile Teams, shows you how to activate the journey toward high performance in both provocative and practical ways.