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Followers Randy Shoup and Andrew Phillips Answer Questions on Microservices by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers Posted on Apr 26, 2015 Following the online webinar "Exploring the Uncharted Territory of Microservices" organized by XebiaLabs, which we covered in The Benefits of Microservices, Randy Shoup and Andrew Phillips answered a number of questions on microservices asked by participants.

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Followers Enterprise IT: What's Beyond Virtualization by Derek Collison Follow 0 Followers Posted on Sep 07, 2014 Derek Collison discusses technologies and approaches for obtaining a fluid infrastructure that has the level of plasticity needed to heal itself and provide higher level SLAs for apps and services.

Followers Obscured by Clouds by Russ Miles Follow 2 Followers , Toby Hobson Follow 0 Followers Posted on Sep 09, 2010 Russ Miles and Toby Hobson outline many factors to be considered when adopting a cloud solution – what type of cloud, which vendor, what technology, how is it related to the business value, SLA, should it be considered early, geo-location constraints, etc. –, creating a wider view of the cloud from the development and business perspective.

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Followers Google Cloud SQL now Generally Available by Chris Swan Follow 620 Followers Posted on Feb 14, 2014