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Spring Releases Versions 2.3.1 and 2.4.0 Web Services

by Michael Redlich on  Sep 21, 2016

Spring recently announced multi-version updates of their Web Services project with release version 2.3.1 featuring minor patches and a new version 2.4.0 rebased to run on Spring Framework 4.3 and Spring Security 4.1 and designed to be forward compatible with Spring 5.0.

SpringOne Brings a New Tomcat Server, VMware Partnership, and ActionScript Offerings

by Scott Delap on  Dec 09, 2008 4

The announce SpringOne conference included the announcement of tcServer, partnerships with VMware and Adobe, and the new Spring ActionScript project.

SAAJ - Fine in Theory, Broken in Practice?

by Stefan Tilkov on  May 19, 2008

In a blog entry, Spring Web Services lead developer Arjen Poutsma discusses the sad state of various SAAJ implementations in major application servers.

Spring Web Services 1.5 Released

by Bryan Clauser on  Apr 11, 2008 4

After 6 months of work, Spring Web Services 1.5.0 has been release. Based off contract-first development using SOAP service development, Spring-WS can be manipulated through XML to create document-driven Web services. Some of the highlights of the release include:

Article: Open Source WS Stacks for Java - Design Goals and Philosophy

by Stefan Tilkov on  Oct 04, 2007 12

InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov questioned lead developers of Apache Axis2, Apache CXF, Spring Web Services, JBossWS and and Sun’s Metro about their design goals, their approach towards Java and Web services standards, data binding, accessing XML, interoperability, REST support, and framework maturity. The results revealed many similarities and some noteworthy differences.

Interview: Arjen Poutsma on Spring Web Services

by Stefan Tilkov on  Jan 31, 2007 7

InfoQ talks to Spring Web Services creator Arjen Poutsma about Spring's Java Web services stack and the different approach it has to building Java Web services. Topics covered include the reason for yet another WS framework, advantages of contract-first, document-driven Web services, JAX-WS, and REST.