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Power of Google Cloud Platform with Spring Cloud GCP

Posted by João Martins  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by João Martins Follow 0 Followers , Mark Fisher Follow 2 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Mark Fisher and João Martins discuss using the Spring Cloud adapters for GCP to develop cloud native applications.

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Turkcell TV Platform Journey from Ground Zero up to Cloud Native with Spring Boot & Spring Cloud

Posted by Erdem Gunay  on  Mar 22, 2018 Posted by Erdem Gunay Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 22, 2018

Erdem Günay shares the journey of re-platforming Turkcell TV service to Cloud Native within a few months using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

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Kafka Streams - from the Ground Up to the Cloud

Posted by Marius Bogoevici  on  Mar 01, 2018 Posted by Marius Bogoevici Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 01, 2018

Marius Bogoevici introduces the Kafka Streams API and the Kafka Streams processing engine, showing how to write and deploy Kafka Streams applications using Spring Cloud Stream.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Cloud

Posted by Ryan Baxter  on  Feb 14, 2018 Posted by Ryan Baxter Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 14, 2018

Ryan Baxter introduces the Spring Cloud ecosystem and how to use it to build cloud native applications.

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Spring Cloud Gateway

Posted by Sree Tummidi  on  Feb 14, 2018 Posted by Sree Tummidi Follow 0 Followers , Spencer Gibb Follow 1 Followers  on  Feb 14, 2018

Spencer Gibb and Sree Tummidi discuss Spring Cloud Gateway, its architecture and developer experience, route matching, filtering and how it is different from Zuul 1.

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Consumer-Driven Contracts and Your Microservice Architecture

Posted by Adib Saikali  on  Feb 01, 2018 Posted by Adib Saikali Follow 0 Followers , Marcin Grzejszczak Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 01, 2018

Marcin Grzejszczak and Adib Saikali demo a system using the Consumer-driven Contracts approach together with Spring Boot and the Spring Cloud Contract verifier.

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Cloud Event-Driven Architectures with Spring Cloud Stream 2.0

Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky  on  Feb 01, 2018 2 Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 01, 2018 2

Oleg Zhurakousky overviews various types of event-driven architectures, and how the different message-oriented components of the Spring portfolio fit into the picture.

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Real World Microservices with Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and Kubernetes

Posted by Christian Posta  on  Jan 19, 2017 Posted by Christian Posta Follow 3 Followers  on  Jan 19, 2017

Christian Posta explains building microservices with Spring, Spring Cloud, and Netflix OSS and running them on Docker and Kubernetes.

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Architecting for Cloud Native Data: Data Microservices Done Right Using Spring Cloud

Posted by Fred Melo  on  Jan 12, 2017 Posted by Fred Melo Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 12, 2017

Fred Melo introduces Spring Cloud Stream from a Data Microservices perspective.

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Task Madness - Modern on Demand Processing

Posted by Michael Minella  on  Jan 08, 2017 Posted by Michael Minella Follow 0 Followers , Glenn Renfro Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 08, 2017

Michael Minella and Glenn Renfro introduce Spring Cloud Task providing capabilities for building short lived, cloud-native microservices, as well as look at example applications.

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Data Microservices in the Cloud

Posted by Mark Pollack  on  Jan 08, 2017 Posted by Mark Pollack Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 08, 2017

Mark Pollack introduces Spring Cloud Data Flow enabling one to create pipelines for data ingestion, real-time analytics and data import/export, demoing apps that are deployed onto multiple runtimes.

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Secure & Dynamic App Config at GapTech with Spring Cloud, Vault and Consul

Posted by Nivesh Gopathi  on  Jan 08, 2017 Posted by Nivesh Gopathi Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 08, 2017

Nivesh Gopathi describes the use cases for dynamic configuration and application secrets management, and how GapTech are solving these at scale using Spring Cloud Config, Vault and Consul.

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