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  • Wicket compared with Spring WebFlow

    Peter Thomas has written a detailed article about his impressions of moving a Spring MVC application to Wicket. He took a few screens from JTrac and ported them to Wicket and ended up very pleased with what Wicket had to offer.

  • Reasons to choose Wicket over JSF and Spring MVC

    A recent post to the Wicket mailing list details some reasons to choose Wicket over Spring MVC or JSF. Wicket is a component based web application framework.

  • Rod Johnson: 2006 the year Spring became Ubiquitous

    Rod Johnson kicked off the opening keynote of The Spring Experience conference declaring that 2006 was year Spring became ubiquitous. Rod cited a number of notable large scale Spring deployments, and also reviewed the events that drove Spring adoption in 2006.

  • Keith Donald on Reuseable UI Flows with Spring Web Flow 1.0

    The Spring Web Flow team has released version 1.0 after 20 months of active development. The release comes after 11 milestone releases and 50k early access downloads. Spring Web Flow allows developers to build reusable, self-contained controller modules called flows. InfoQ discussed the release with Interface21's Keith Donald, Spring Web Flow lead.