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SproutCore: An HTML 5 Application Framework

by Craig Wickesser on  Sep 02, 2009

InfoQ has reported on SproutCore a couple times in the past and recently learned about the upcoming 1.0 release. SproutCore promises stunning desktop-class applications without plugins inside of the browser.

Apple ramps up involvement in SproutCore

by Matthew Bass on  Jun 25, 2008

Is SproutCore turning into Cocoa for the web? The JavaScript framework, designed to make development of desktop-like web applications easier, was given an unofficial endorsement at WWDC by the inclusion of a session explaining how to use SproutCore's offline data storage features. It was revealed that Apple's new MobileMe takes advantage of SproutCore.

Client-Server Computing: The Future Web?

by Craig Wickesser on  May 22, 2008 3

The most recent buzz on the web has been about Ajax and improved user experiences. Looking to the future, some suggest that the "old" client-server model will be the way to meet users expectations and demands. Could Client-Server computing be the follow-on to Web 2.0 technologies?