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  • SproutCore: An HTML 5 Application Framework

    InfoQ has reported on SproutCore a couple times in the past and recently learned about the upcoming 1.0 release. SproutCore promises stunning desktop-class applications without plugins inside of the browser.

  • Apple ramps up involvement in SproutCore

    Is SproutCore turning into Cocoa for the web? The JavaScript framework, designed to make development of desktop-like web applications easier, was given an unofficial endorsement at WWDC by the inclusion of a session explaining how to use SproutCore's offline data storage features. It was revealed that Apple's new MobileMe takes advantage of SproutCore.

  • Client-Server Computing: The Future Web?

    The most recent buzz on the web has been about Ajax and improved user experiences. Looking to the future, some suggest that the "old" client-server model will be the way to meet users expectations and demands. Could Client-Server computing be the follow-on to Web 2.0 technologies?