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  • 2011 State of Agile Survey Results Show Agile Adoption Stable

    VersionOne have recently released the results of their State of Agile Development Survey for 2011, and as always it gives an interesting insight into Agile adoption and trends.

  • Tasktop Agile Planner for Eclipse Released

    Tasktop has released an Agile planning tool that leverages MyLyn connectors to provide planning support that spans across multiple project management integrations like Mingle, Team Concert, Rally, Scrumworks,JIRA and VersionOne. The Eclipse integration supports automatic linking between plan items and source code artifacts allowing developers to create and manage plans directly from Eclipse.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Open

    The fourth annual 'State of Agile' survey is open for public participation. The 6-page survey takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and participants remain anonymous. Over the past 3 years the survey, sponsored by VersionOne, has gauged how widely agile practices have been adopted, as well as the results obtained.

  • Automated Acceptance Tests - Theoretical or Practical

    There have been sporadic reports of successes in writing requirements as acceptance tests and automating them. This practice is only used by a small minority of the community. Are automated acceptance tests written at the beginning of each iteration just a theoretical assertion that have been proven ineffective by the lack of adoption?

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Shows Wider Agile Adoption

    The results of Version One's 3rd annual 'State of Agile' survey are in. According to the survey, agile practices are being used more widely and with impressive results. More than half of the respondents indicated that 90 - 100% of their organization's agile projects have been successful, and 93% indicated that agile practices had enhanced their ability to respond to changing priorities.

  • Interview: Joshua Kerievsky about Industrial XP

    In this interview taken by Sadek Drobi of InfoQ, Joshua Kerievsky, founder of Industrial Logic, talks about Industrial Extreme Programming which extends XP by including practices dealing with management, customers and developers.

  • VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition

    VersionOne recently launched V1: Agile Team giving smaller projects a tool to get started with planning and tracking Agile projects. With V1: Agile Team a single team has the capability to their product and sprint backlogs, get interactive "taskboards" and "testboards" for day to day development activities, view progress of activities through various reports and burn graphs, and more.

  • Presentation: David Hussman on Automating Business Value with FIT and Fitnesse

    In this presentation, David Hussman, founder of DevJam, discusses about user stories, the origin and authoring of story tests, focusing on how FIT and Fitnesse (FIT living within a Wiki) can be used to automate acceptance tests.

  • VersionOne Announces New UI and Embedded Forecasting in Release 8

    VersionOne recently announced Release 8 of their agile project management and team organization tool suite. This new release features an all-new user interface, introduction of a release forecasting toolset, and additional plug-n-play integrations for some popular open source tools.

  • VersionOne release Agile Enterprise 7.2

    Version One recently announced their new release of V1: Agile Enterprise, InfoQ provide an overview of the new functionality in the latest release of one of the more prominent pieces of Agile project management software.

  • Second Annual 'State of Agile Development' Survey

    The second annual State of Agile Development Survey, sponsored by the Agile Project Leadership Network and VersionOne has been released. The survey is described as taking "5-7 minutes to complete approximately 20 questions". The results are completely anonymous, and will be presented at Agile 2007. Three Amazon gift certificates will be randomly drawn for participants.

  • VersionOne adds Taskboard, Subversion/Fitnesse Integration and Free Community Edition

    VersionOne, the maker of Agile Enterprise, one of the leading agile project management tools, has released two significant versions of their platform within the past few months: a free five-user community edition and a new release of their Agile Enterprise/Team platform with Subversion and Fitnesse integration as well as a new dynamic Taskboard view.

  • VersionOne Publishes Agile Tool Evaluator's Guide

    VersionOne, a provider of Agile project and lifecycle management tools has recently published an Agile Tool Evaluator Guide intended to help organizations in choosing software to support their Agile teams and processes. InfoQ interviewed VP Michael Leeds about how the featureset in this guide was compiled.

  • New Release of V1: Agile Enterprise Development Suite

    This new release from VersionOne allows all project stakeholders -- project managers, executives, developers, product managers, customers, and testers -- to collaborate and coordinate plans and progress much more effectively. With extended support for the Agile life cycle, this tool offers better visibility into the entire software development process.