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  • Presentation: Code Organization Guidelines for Large Code Bases

    Structuring a large code base maintained by multiple teams working in parallel can be a real challenge. If you are not disciplined about code structure overtime you will end up with a tangled, unmaintainable mess. In this session Juergen Hoeller provides general guidelines on packaging and package interdependencies, layering and module decomposition, and evolving a large code base.

  • Structure101 v2: Dependency and Architecture Analysis Tool

    When projects get so big that no one person can visualize the whole thing, tools that can visualize the architecture and measure its complexity can help. Headway Software released v2 of Structure101, "an interactive tool that shows you dependency graphs from your code-base as either diagrams (the Directed Graph) or dependency matrices." said Structure101 CTO Chris Chedgey, talking to InfoQ.