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Architecture & Design Follow 2554 Followers Pony Language Designer Sylvan Clebsch on Pony’s Design, Garbage Collection, and Formal Verification with Sylvan Clebsch Follow 1 Followers Posted on Jul 07, 2017 In this podcast Charles Humble talks to Sylvan Clebsch, who is the designer of the actor-model language Pony programming and now works at Microsoft Research in Cambridge in the Programming Language Principles group. They talk about the inspirations behind Pony, how the garbage collector avoids stop-the-world pauses, the queuing systems, work scheduler, and formal verification.

Architecture & Design Follow 2554 Followers Kotlin Lead Language Designer Andrey Breslav on Android Support, Language Features and Future Plans with Andrey Breslav Follow 2 Followers Posted on Jun 23, 2017 Following Google’s announcement at Google I/O 2017 that Kotlin would be getting first class support on Android, Wesley Reisz spoke to Andrey Breslav, the lead language designer of Kotlin at JetBrains.

Architecture & Design Follow 2554 Followers Richard Feldman Discusses Elm and How It Compares to React.js for Front-End Programming with Richard Feldman Follow 2 Followers Posted on Apr 28, 2017 Richard Feldman talks about Elm, a front-end focused functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript. Feldman covers being an early adopter of Elm, the architecture of Elm, immutability, semantic versioning and more. He also compares Elm to some popular JavaScript frameworks including React. 2

Architecture & Design Follow 2554 Followers Peter Bourgon on Gossip, Paxos, Microservices in Go, and CRDTs at SoundCloud with Peter Bourgon Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jan 27, 2017 QCon chair Wesley Reisz talks to Weaveworks' Engineer, Peter Bourgon. Bourgon discusses his work at Weaveworks, discovering and imlemeting CRDTs for time-stamped events at Soundcloud, building Microservices in Go with Go Kit and the state of package management in Go. 2