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  • Presentation: AtomServer: The Power of Publishing for Data Distribution

    In this session recorded at QCon SF 2008, Chris Berry & Bryon Jacob presented the Atom Syndication Format, the Atom Publishing Protocol, the Atom Categories, the Atom Stores, the AtomServer and how they can be used by giving a concrete example.

  • Apache Abdera: Atom, AtomPub, and Java

    The Apache Abdera project, an open source Atom Syndication and Atom Publication Protocol implementation currently still in its “incubation” phase, has recently reached its 0.40 milestone, an important step towards “graduation”. InfoQ had a chance to talk to IBM's James Snell and MuleSource's Dan Diephouse, two of Abdera’s core developers, about Abdera, Atom and AtomPub.

  • WCF RSS Toolkit for Generating RSS 2 and Atom 1 Feeds posted

    The WCF RSS Toolkit has been released. The toolkit supports exposing a service as an RSS 2.0 feed, Atom 1.0 feed and SOAP endpoint simultaneously; it can also be extended to support other wire formats. Yasser Shohoud has also blogged some code examples today.

  • Abdera: Possible ROME Merger to form single Java Syndication stack

    The Java community might soon have a single coherent stack for doing any form of syndication, by merging the efforts and contributions from all the key contributors in the field. Discussions have emerged between the creators of IBM's Atom Reference Implementation code, the ROME community, and others about merging into a new Apache project called Abdera.