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  • Q&A on the Book Agile Machine Learning

    The book Agile Machine Learning by Eric Carter and Matthew Hurst describes how the guiding principles of the Agile Manifesto have been used by machine learning teams in data projects. It explores how to apply agile practices for dealing with the unknowns of data and inferencing systems, using metrics as the customer.

  • Simplicity, Please - A Manifesto for Software Development

    An unrelenting and breathless rush to market is quietly driving your company to the brink of extinction. Maybe it’s time to rethink how you design and write code. Investment in simplicity is investment in speed. Simplicity is also the mother lode of intellectual property — and a competitive advantage almost impossible to regain once lost.

  • How to Sell Refactoring? The Case of Nordea Bank AB

    Refactoring is often not a technical challenge. Teams can accurately diagnose inefficient code design. If they have sufficient time and budget at their disposal, they would probably get things done. In this article, we focus on the strategic code refactoring. This distinction was introduced by the BNS IT consultants as part of the method called Natural Course of Refactoring.


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