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Vaughn Vernon on Developing a Domain Driven Design First Actor-Based Microservices Framework

Vaughn Vernon has recently released a new open source project called vlingo. The platform is designed to support DDD at the framework and toolkit level. On today’s podcast, Vernon discusses what the framework is all about, why he felt it was needed, and some of the design decisions made in developing the platform.

| Posted on Sep 14, 2018 with Vaughn Vernon Follow 9 Followers

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Justin Cormack on Decomposing the Modern Operating System

| Posted on Sep 07, 2018 with Justin Cormack Follow 4 Followers

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Mike Lee Williams on Probabilistic Programming, Bayesian Inference, and Languages Like PyMC3

| Posted on Aug 31, 2018 with Mike Lee Williams Follow 2 Followers

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Uncle Bob Martin on Clean Software, Craftsperson, Origins of SOLID, DDD, & Software Ethics

| Posted on Aug 24, 2018 with Uncle Bob Martin Follow 3 Followers

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Arun Gupta on Managed Container Control Planes on AWS

| Posted on Jul 07, 2018 with Arun Gupta Follow 2 Followers

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Lisa Crispin and Justin Searls on Testing and Innovation in Front End Technology

Richard Seroter talks to Lisa Crispin- who works on the tracker team at Pivotal Labs, and is an organiser of the Agile Alliance Technical Conference- and Justin Searls- software craftsman, presenter of How to Stop Hating Your Tests, and co-author of several books on Agile Testing- about testing and innovation in front end technology.

| Posted on May 27, 2016 with Lisa Crispin Follow 0 Followers , Justin Searls Follow 0 Followers

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