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  • The C4 Model for Software Architecture

    Software architecture diagrams can be a very useful communication tool, but many teams have scaled back on the creation of diagrams, and when diagrams are created, they are often confusing and unclear. The C4 model consists of a hierarchical set of software architecture diagrams for context, containers, components, and code.

  • Interview with Grady Booch

    Grady Booch discusses the growth of software engineering as a discipline with Mark Collins-Cope, the pair covers topics ranging from UML and Unified Process to Programming Languages and the future of software innovation.

  • Agile Software Architecture Sketches and NoUML

    Understanding the software architecture of what you're building can prevent chaos and encourage collective code ownership. In the race for agility though, many teams struggle to do this, particularly since they've abandoned UML in favour of "boxes and lines" sketches. Moving fast requires good communication, but how do you do this without resorting to big design up front and UML?

  • A Proposal to Enhance the UML Notation

    Raul Rugiero proposes an enhancement to the UML notation whereby requirements and test cases, in particular acceptance tests, are strictly related. Agile methodologies highlight this aspect basing themselves on test driven approaches. The notation of UML use cases may be enhanced in order to allow enhanced UML tools to properly handle links between use cases and tests.

  • Interview: Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives

    Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods have continued their journey of building a comprehensive handbook on Systems Software architecture with the publication of the second edition of Software Systems Architecture. InfoQ spoke to the authors on a couple of new topics, the System Context viewpoint and Agile, that are covered in the latest edition.