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DevOps Follow 916 Followers Unikraft - Unleashing the Power of Unikernels by Felipe Huici Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 03, 2018 Felipe Huici introduces Unikraft, an open source, incubator project under the auspices of the Xen Project and the Linux Foundation aimed at automating the process of building customized images tailored to specific applications and significantly reducing development time. He describes Unikraft in greater detail, and gives a brief demo of how to use it in order to build a few different unikernels.

Development Follow 650 Followers The Modern Operating System in 2018 by Justin Cormack Follow 4 Followers Posted on Apr 18, 2018 Justin Cormack looks at unikernels, LinuxKit, eBPF, hypervisors, containers, library operating systems, userspace drivers and other recent developments to see status on the route towards agility for the operating system.

Architecture & Design Follow 2280 Followers Selling Unikernels: The CyberChaff Experience by Adam Wick Follow 1 Followers Posted on Feb 10, 2017 Adam Wick talks about his team’s experience developing CyberChaff, a novel network defense solution with unikernels built into its core and why unikernels made sense for them, and how they talk about unikernels with their customers.

DevOps Follow 916 Followers DevOps'n the Operating System by John Willis Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 24, 2016 John Willis takes a brief look at the history of how Devops principles and operating systems have converged. He spends most of the time forward looking at what and how unikernels will converge with Devops tools, processes and culture. He ends with a demo of how containers, unikernels and Devops ideas can work together in the future.

DevOps Follow 916 Followers Build, Ship and Run Unikernels by Justin Cormack Follow 4 Followers Posted on Jun 28, 2016 Justin Cormack talks about the Docker unikernels build, ship and run pipelines and how the changes they are seeing lead to unikernels in production.

Architecture & Design Follow 2280 Followers Tor in Haskell & Other Unikernel Tricks by Adam Wick Follow 1 Followers Posted on Mar 06, 2016 Adam Wick takes a deep dive into a unikernel implementation of the Tor anonymity system. He discusses what aspects of Tor make it an attractive target for a unikernel, and what aspects of unikernels are particularly interesting when considering Tor.

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DevOps Follow 916 Followers Docker, Inc Acquires Unikernel Systems Ltd with the Goal of 'Democratising Unikernel Technology' by Daniel Bryant Follow 740 Followers Posted on Jan 24, 2016

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