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  • How to Deal with Complexity in Product Development by Using Solution-Focused Coaching

    In this article, you will discover how and which parts of coaching and nuanced language can help you leverage your interactions to yield better results in product management. Integrating specific coaching principles can enhance the quality of your conversations by guiding dialogue to uncover actionable insights, foster trust, boost collaboration, and drive clarity in your objectives.

  • Why DesignOps Matters: How to Improve Your Design Processes

    DesignOps is a combination of practices and a mindset that improves design workflow, facilitates designer-developer handoffs, enhances the way products and services are crafted, and enables projects to evolve at a faster pace. Design processes may be more complex, dispersed and chaotic than they should be. There are ways to adapt to digital transformation and establish well-functioning DesignOps

  • How to Spark a Consumer-Grade UX Revolution

    Turning end-users into advocates is one of the most powerful things SaaS companies can accomplish today. This can be a major project for a company, but it’s a revolution that can start small - and start today. Here we cover how to kick-off, manage, implement and iterate upon adding consumer-grade UX to the services that you own.

  • Keeping Technology Change Human

    When we are at the forefront of so much change, it's easy to forget that other people around us find change more challenging. This article is a reminder to look beyond the code and processes, to consider how tech team actions can affect our users in emotional ways. It seeks to establish a few ways of thinking to help bring others along with us when working through technology change.

  • Information Relativity

    To build great software, we need to account for perspective and relativity. Perspective is something's meaning depending on where it's observed from. Relativity refers to a distortion due to the location of the observer.

  • Cut Your Design Sprints in Half with These Key Tips

    Cut your next design sprint in half with these tips at your side. With this approach, you’ll be able to turn 2.5 days into ~4 hours and the whole sprint to 2.5 days. Make collaborative design thinking easier, more fun, and exciting. With up-front preparation, a clear challenge to tackle, and attention to the clock, you can get to the essentials and turn innovative ideas into testable prototypes.

  • AI Applied in Enterprises: Information Architecture, Decision Optimization, and Operationalization

    The book Deploying AI in the Enterprise by Eberhard Hechler, Martin Oberhofer, and Thomas Schaeck gives insight into the current state of AI related to themes like change management, DevOps, risk management, blockchain, and information governance. It discusses the possibilities, limitations, and challenges of AI and provides cases that show how AI is being applied.

  • Learning Progressive Web Apps - Book Review and Q&A

    The book *Learning Progressive Web Apps* presents a gentle but thorough introduction to PWAs through the implementation of three PWAs. The book focuses on web manifests and service workers. The reader needs only know HTML, JavaScript and CSS to follow through the examples.

  • Five Android and iOS UI Design Guidelines for React Native

    This article will explain why UI designers should follow platform specific guidelines while designing for multiple platforms. This can be quite a complex task, due to the variety of constraints and guidelines there are to consider. We propose five easy guidelines to design for multiple platforms focusing on React Native and without missing key usability concerns.

  • Q&A on the Book Bitwise - A Life in Code

    In the book Bitwise - A Life in Code, David Auerbach discusses the gap between how computers picture the world and how it really is, and provides his story of attempting to close that gap. The book explores how technology has impacted society and aims to make you think about what computers do to people.

  • Q&A with Dan Szuc and Jo Wong on Make Meaningful Work

    Raf Gemmail speaks with UX leaders Dan Szuc and Josephine Wong about Make Meaningful Work, a humanistic framework and set of practices born from applying human-centered design to the workplace. Sitting beneath existing methodologies, it enables teams to share and understand character perspectives, in working towards producing impacts which are meaningful to them.

  • How to Effectively Collect User Feedback in Mobile Application

    This article analyzes a variety of forms of collecting feedback in mobile applications from a number of perspectives, including user experience, development, operations,and cost. It also analyzes in which scenario each form of feedback is more applicable, with the purpose of helping mobile application developers or product managers use the right feedback mechanism and improve their products.