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  • Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2010

    In this article Yiyi Sun, creator of the Git Source Control Provider for Visual Studio, introduces developers to creating extensions for Visual Studio 2010. Also included is information on publishing an extension via Microsoft’s Visual Studio Gallery.

  • SOA Master Data Management in .NET 4.0

    Sharing data among applications in a complex corporate IT environment is unfortunately often reduced to sharing a common database or in some cases a cube. .NET 4.0 introduces a lot of industrialization tools that make the idea of an application independent SOA data repository reachable. This article explores some of those tools, and how they help make SOA data services flexible and non-intrusive.

  • Book Spotlight: Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed

    Mike Snell and Lars Powers tackle developer productivity with their recent book titled Visual Studio 2008 Unleashed by Sams Publishing. Included is a sample chapter for download, Chapter 10 on Debugging.

  • Test Driven Development with Visual Studio for Database Professionals

    Developers familiar with Test-Driven Development would like to continue their familiar Red-Green-Refactor cycle even when working with Stored Procedures. Cory Foy shows how to use Visual Studio for Database Professionals and inclusive tools as a framework for performing database unit tests.

  • Book Excerpt and Review: Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server

    With SQL Server 2000's hitting its end of life date next April, many shops that have been delaying the upgrade to SQL Server 2005 need to start looking at it seriously. This is why we have chosen to review the seventh edition of William Vaughn's Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server.