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  • Unraveling the Enigma: Debunking Myths Surrounding Lambda Cold Starts

    This insightful InfoQ article dispels the common myths surrounding Lambda Cold Starts, a widely discussed topic in the serverless computing community. As serverless architectures continue to gain popularity, misconceptions about Lambda Cold Starts have proliferated, often leading to confusion and misguided optimization strategies.

  • AWS Lambda under the Hood

    Mike Danilov, a senior principal engineer at AWS, presented on AWS Lambda and what is under the hood during QCon San Francisco 2023. This article represents the talk, which will start with an introduction to Lambda itself to outline the key concepts of the service and its fundamentals, which will facilitate a deep dive into the understanding of the system.

  • Lambda Throttling - How to Avoid It?

    This article aims to explain best practices if you have throttled your application and services and suggestions for how to handle these cases. We performed an in-house experiment at Jit (a SaaS-based DevSecOps platform) built on serverless to learn how our application behaves.

  • Building Workflows with AWS Step Functions

    AWS Step Functions use a state machine to represent the workflow. A workflow consists of a set of tasks, each of which represents a discrete activity to be performed. Each task is defined by a state of the state machine. In this article, we will learn about the main concepts of AWS Step Functions and apply those to build a workflow for a sample business process: Order Fulfillment.

  • A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud

    In this article, I want to present a simple cloud architecture that can allow an organization to take monolithic applications to the cloud incrementally without a dramatic change in the architecture. We will discuss the minimal requirements and basic components to take advantage of the scalability of the cloud.

  • Serverless Solution to Offload Polling for Asynchronous Operation Status Using Amazon S3

    This article proposes a solution to redirect the polling part to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) - a highly available, scalable, and secured object storage service managed by Amazon Web Services public cloud provider (AWS). It will present a serverless implementation using AWS Lambda functions, but this is not mandatory if you want to use S3.

  • Book Review: Alexa Skills Projects by Madhur Bhargava

    In this book, Barghava introduces developers to Alexa and the Amazon platform that can be used to build skills. The book includes many hands-on examples and allows developers to quickly experience conversational application development. At the end of the book, Barghava provides a glimpse into the future and provides readers with some of his insights on the future of digital assistant capabilities.

  • Five Steps to Migrate Unisys Mainframes to AWS

    If you have a Unisys mainframe, you may be thinking that cloud computing isn’t an option. But cloud computing has quickly matured, as have the offerings of service providers like AWS, and it’s now proving itself to be a viable option for running mainframe application workloads.

  • InfoQ Virtual Panel: A Practical Approach to Serverless Computing

    Add serverless computing to the growing list of options developers have when building software. Serverless products—more accurately referred to as Functions-as-a-Service—offer incredible simplicity, but at a cost. To learn more about this exciting space and the practical implications, InfoQ reached out to three experienced technologists.

  • The Three Generations of AWS

    When building a new system on AWS we are faced with three architectural choices around application packaging, runtime service and load balancing service. This article looks at these three options, and concludes that the Amazon EC2 Container Service provides the best architectural option for today's applications.

  • Article Series: Cloud and "Lock-in"

    With the fast-pace of cloud changes (new services, providers entering and exiting), cloud lock-in remains a popular refrain. But what does it mean, and how can you ensure you're maximizing your cloud investment while keeping portability in mind?