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  • Enums, Entity Framework And WCF Data Services

    Enumerations have been supported in Entity Framework 5 – however Enums are not yet supported in WCF Data Services, which means you still need to handle them explicitly when writing OData services.

  • Microsoft Release New REST API Framework as Part of .NET 4.5

    As part of the recent Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 launch, Microsoft formally unveiled its new web services framework called the ASP.NET Web API. Included as part of the ASP.NET MVC 4 offering, the open-source ASP.NET Web API is designed to simplify the development and consumption of RESTful services.

  • WCF 5.0 – Vocabularies, Actions And Improved Spatial Support

    Microsoft recently announced RTM release of WCF Data Services 5.0 – this includes several new features to support OData v3 such as Vocabularies, Actions, new Spatial Primitives and several updates to OData libraries.

  • New Asynchronous Features Enhance .NET Framework 4.5

    .NET Framework 4.5 Beta not only brings the Async/Await keywords and language simplifications to C# and Visual Basic, but also adds asynchronous methods to several common I/O and data access functions. New asynchronous features are available in ASP.NET 4.5, WCF, and WPF as well.

  • Lighter Configuration Files and Better ASP.NET Support with WCF 4.5

    Ido Flatow has been posting a series on the upcoming changes to WCF in .NET 4.5. Most of these changes revolve around making configuration files lighter and easier to work with in both stand-alone and IIS hosted modes.

  • WCF Data Services October CTP Updates OData Libraries, Adds Spatial Data Types

    Microsoft has released the WCF Data Services October CTP, which targets .NET 4 and Silverlight 4. This update includes new libraries for OData version 3, and adds support for spatial data.

  • WCF Support Improved in Mono

    Xamarin's first official Mono release came out earlier this month with many bug fixes, OS X Lion support, a “vastly improved WCF stack”, and better debugging support. The version number is 2.10.3, which makes it a short-term support release. Those who desire a long term commitment to support should stay with the 2.6 series until Mono 3 is ready.

  • An Overview of WCF RIA Services Toolkit

    In honor of the August release of WCF RIA Services Toolkit, we are going to offer a quick introduction to the various components it offers on top of the baseline version of RIA Services. New in this build is support for EntityFramework 4.1, including code first, and a fix to the JavaScript/jQuery client so that it works with jQuery 1.5.1 and later.

  • WCF Data Services June CTP: LINQ Improvements and Properties on Derived Types

    The WCF Data Services June 2011 CTP for .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 includes Any/All operators for LINQ, support for properties on derived types, and an OData serializer/deserializer.

  • Microsoft Releases Java-Friendly Interop Bindings for WCF Services

    In June, Microsoft released a set of open-source configurations to accelerate interoperability between Microsoft’s WCF platform and leading Java-based web service stacks. WCF bindings, which define transport details for invoking or consuming WCF services, are now available for Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Metro, IBM WebSphere and Apache Axis2.

  • Differing Opinions: DTOs vs Domain Objects

    Since the introduction of NHibernate and WCF, .NET developers have been moving closer and closer to the concept of unified entity-models. The end game here is that the same class can be act as your ORM entity, your WCF DTO, and your model for a MVC, MVP, or MVVM framework. Mark Seemann, author of Dependency Injection in .NET, argues this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  • Carlos Figueira Explains WCF Extensibility

    Windows Communication Foundation offers an amazing variety of extension points but due to limited documentation most developers treat it as a black box. Carlos Figueira intends to change this with a series of articles on WCF Extensibility with real world examples.

  • WCF Web APIs

    Most developers first use WCF as a way to expose SOAP-based Web Services. But despite the name, Web Services are not really well suited for building web sites. XML and JSON-based REST services are simply a better fit for most projects. Microsoft has recognized this and is working on a project to bring WCF up to date with modern standards.

  • The Future of WCF Is RESTful [Updated]

    Glenn Block, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Program Manager, said during an online webinar entitled “WCF, Evolving for the Web” that Microsoft’s framework for building service-oriented applications is going to be refactored radically, the new architecture being centered around HTTP.

  • Advanced Scenarios for LightSwitch

    LightSwitch brings together a number of technologies including Silverlight, Managed Extensibility Framework, and WCF RIA Services. If LightSwitch becomes popular, developers who understand these technologies will have a significant advantage over those who simply wire forms together using the design surfaces.