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  • How Space Shapes Collaboration: Using Anthropology to Break Silos

    Software companies strive to keep innovating and changing the rules of the market. These companies are made of people who, unlike smartphones, personal computers or smart watches, have not evolved as much in recent years. This article proposes an analysis of workspaces from anthropology to solve one of the most common problems: the appearance of silos instead of a culture of collaboration.

  • Moving from Collocated Management to Remote Leadership

    Management in a remote organization is vastly different from that in a collocated one. Copying in-person interactions to digital tools does not cultivate a great culture nor does it contribute to better collaboration. This article aims to give you an idea of what the move to remote leadership entails and why it is essential for the success of any business in the remote work era.

  • Q&A on the Book Build a Next-Generation Digital Workplace

    The book Build a Next-Generation Digital Workplace by Shailesh Shivakumar explains what employee experience platforms (EXP) are and how digital technologies can be used to improve employee productivity, increase employee engagement, and support collaboration.

  • Supporting Mental Health in the Tech Workplace

    Mental health is heavily stigmatized in our society. People living with mental illness do not want to be treated differently; they may need help and accommodation in specific instances. Nara Kasbergen shares her volunteer work for Open Sourcing Mental Illness: a distributed, volunteer-based, non-profit organization that seeks to change the way we talk about mental health in the tech industry.