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  • An Introduction to Web Services Reliable Messaging

    by Paul Fremantle on  Sep 14, 2006 10

    Web Services Reliable Messaging 1.1 is available as a new draft version of the OASIS specification originally released by Microsoft, IBM, BEA and others. WS-RM ensures messages can be delivered reliable over unreliable protocols such as HTTP. Paul Fremantle, co-chair of the OASIS technical committee, provides an introduction.

  • Web Services Guru Dr. Frank Leymann on SOA

    by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 14, 2006

    Frank Leymann is a full professor at the University of Stuttgart and co-author of many Web Service specifications, including WSFL, WS-Addressing, WS-Metadata Exchange, and the WS-Resource Framework set of specifications. He was one of the driving forces behind BPEL4WS. InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov talks to Dr Leymann about SOA research, REST, Web Services and other important topics for SOA.

  • ESB Roundup Part two: ESB Use Cases

    by Miko Matsumura on  Jul 12, 2006 27

    This is the second part of InfoQ's ESB series, an exploration of Enterprise Service Bus, or ESB technologies. The focus is use cases required by companies deploying this technology, such as protocol bridging, security intermediation and service virtualization. The article references analyst commentary, survey research results and comments on part one of the ESB roundup.

Secure and Reliable Web Services

Posted by Guy Crets on  Jul 03, 2006

With the emergence of WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging as standards, web services reach a new level of capability. Find out more about these standards and their impact on SOA. 2

A History of Extended Transactions

Posted by Mark Little on  May 10, 2006

ACID transactions don't work for long-lived use cases. This article documents historic approaches toward extended transactions and why WS-TX & WS-CAF may finally hold the answer. 6