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  • Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework

    In this article, Matt Lacey, Microsoft MVP, talks about his recent experience helping a company choose between Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms. He explains the differences, similarities, and relationships between the two, considering what the future holds for both these platforms and how to choose between them.

  • C++/CX Performance Pitfalls

    Writing applications in C++/CX is not like writing normal C++ applications. The interoperability between pure C++ code and the Windows Runtime (WinRT) can be surprisingly expensive. In this article based on Sridhar Madhugiri’s video, C++/CX Best Practices, we look at some of the ways to avoid performance problems in Windows 8 development.

  • Book Excerpt and Interview: Silverlight 4 in Action

    Silverlight 4 in Action by Pete Brown is a comprehensive guide to Silverlight application building using C#. It features several practical examples that explore flexible layout, control extensibility, the communication and binding models, rich media, animation and more.