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  • Amazon Introduces New EC2 Families G5g, M6a, Im4gn and Is4gen

    At the recent re:Invent conference, Amazon introduced new EC2 instance families running on different processors, including G5g Arm-based instances, M6a AMD-based ones and storage-optimized Im4gn and Is4gen.

  • AWS Announces Next Generation Graviton3 Processors

    Amazon announced the next generation Graviton3 processors and the preview of the EC2 C7g instances. The cloud provider claims that the new instance type running the latest Arm-based processors will provide better compute, higher floating-point and faster cryptographic performances.

  • AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processor for Better Price to Performance Ratio

    AWS Graviton2 processors are 64-bit Arm-based processors custom built by AWS to offer customers a better price to performance ratio for workloads like web and mobile backends, data, and media processing. Recently, AWS announced the general availability (GA) of AWS Lambda functions powered by AWS Graviton2 processors.

  • ARM Releases PlasticARM, a Plastic-Based Flexible Microchip

    ARM takes another step forward towards powering a real IoT revolution: PlasticARM, its newly announced plastic based microchip, brings 18000 logic gates, 12 times more than previous models, and is the most complex flexible microchip to date.

  • How x86 to arm64 Translation Works in Rosetta 2

    Along with its plan to transition their Macintosh line from Intel CPUs to its own CPUs, dubbed Apple Silicon, Apple announced Rosetta 2, a binary translation software that aims to smooth out the process. Thanks to Rosetta 2, most x86 programs will be able to execute after an initial translation step.

  • Raspberry Pi 400 Is an ARM Linux Desktop PC

    The Raspberry Pi 400 is a fully-functional Linux desktop computer and a Pi device. It is much cheaper than laptops or Chromebooks on the market, and yet could be more suitable for kids and students with a large ecosystem of STEM education materials and programs.

  • Microsoft to Contribute to Java on Windows and Mac ARM

    Microsoft is working to help port Java to Windows and Mac ARM on the AARCH64 chipset. The improvement should help enable Java applications to run on upcoming commercial ARM hardware.

  • OpenJDK Comes to Windows 10 on ARM

    Microsoft has made its first big contribution to OpenJDK: Porting OpenJDK to Windows 10 ARM (AArch64).

  • Apple's Rosetta Move

    Apple has announced that future Macs will be built on an ARM platform, known as Apple Silicon. What does this mean for application developers on the Mac platform, and the wider picture of the development community? Read on to find out what's new and what the future holds.

  • Amazon Announces the General Availability of EC2 M6g Instances Powered by AWS Graviton2

    Recently Amazon announced the general availability of their 6th generation Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) General Purpose instance: the M6g – with the ‘g’ standing for “Graviton2”, a next-generation Arm-based chip. The public cloud vendor and their acquired company Annapurna Labs designed this chip, which utilizes 64-bit Arm Neoverse N1 cores.

  • 55th Anniversary of Moore's Law

    April 2020 marks 55 years since Intel co-founder Gordon Moore published ‘Cramming more components onto integrated circuits’. For over 50 years Intel and its competitors kept making Moore’s law come true, but more recently efforts to push down chip feature size have been hitting trouble with limitations in economics and physics that force us to consider what happens in a post Moore’s law world.

  • Benchmarks for Amazon's Graviton2 Arm Processor

    AnandTech has published 'Amazon's Arm-based Graviton2 against AMD and Intel' which includes comprehensive benchmarks across Amazon’s general purpose instances. The cost analysis section describes ‘An x86 Massacre’, as while the pure performance of the Arm chip is generally in the same region as the x86 competitors, its lower price means the price/performance is substantially better.

  • The Story behind Very Fast iPhone XS JavaScript Performance

    Initial reviews of JavaScript performance benchmarks show the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max having better performance than even an iMac Pro with the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark, which compares performance in real-world framework loading scenarios.

  • ARM64 for UWP Debuts in Visual Studio 2017 15.9 Preview 3

    Microsoft continues work on upcoming 15.9 update to Visual Studio 2017. In the third preview of 15.9, Microsoft announced support for UWP apps on the ARM64 platform and expanded functionality for TypeScript developers. As has been the familiar occurrence, a large of number of fixes are also included.

  • Shippable and Packet Collaborate on Native Arm CI/CD

    DevOps automation platform, Shippable, and bare metal cloud provider, Packet, have jointly announced a new hosted continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) capability for developers working on software applications for Arm®v8-A architecture. The solution allows open source and commercial software projects to build and validate their software on-demand on Arm-based machines from Packet’s cloud.