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InfoQ & QCon

Software is changing the world! In 2006, Floyd Marinescu, together with Roxanne Beverstein, and Alex Popescu, saw a need for unbiased content and information in the enterprise development community. This is how C4Media - provider of InfoQ and QCon - was created.

C4 = Community of Communities created by the Community & for the Community.

Today, C4Media is serving the worldwide enterprise software development community with a place to track and facilitate change and innovation. All content published on our websites and presented at our events is put together by industry practitioners. Our mission is to facilitate the spread of knowledge and innovation in the software developer community.

InfoQ is a practitioner-driven global community serving the information needs of senior developers, technical team leads, software architects, and project managers. Every day we create and share content in 4 different languages by developers for developers. With a readership base of over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month, we support hundreds of contributors worldwide who want to share their ideas about software trends and best practices with the software community.

QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for senior developers, technical team leads, software architects, and project managers who influence software innovation in their teams. It's where progressive software leaders come to find out about emerging software trends and innovations, so they can develop new skills and validate their team’s software roadmap. QCon conferences are organized annually in San Francisco, New York, London, Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and online.

Content written by software engineers / Professional developers over professional writers

InfoQ’s editorial team is made out of software engineers who are constantly pushing the barrier of innovation one step further in their professional lives. The community is about sharing knowledge and experience between people who direct innovation and change in software.

We think that the story is best told developer to developer, architect to architect, and team lead to team lead.

Instead of hiring journalists, InfoQ seeks out engineers and practitioners and provides them with training and support to help them express their expertise. On both the site and at our events, we work hard to create an inclusive, diverse and conscientious community where of all our readers and attendees feel welcome and respected.

InfoQ logo For our editors and speakers we favor: Engineers over Evangelists Practitioners over Trainers/Coaches Tech Leads over Consultants That is, while there is value in the people on the
right, we value the people on the left more.
Qcon logo

We organize QCon, where hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees meet to learn about the latest trends in software development. QCon conferences run annually in San Francisco, New York, London, Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Sao Paulo.

They are practitioner-driven conferences designed for people who influence innovation in their teams (including team leads, architects, project managers, and engineering directors). We launched our first QCon-branded conferences in London and San Francisco in 2007. Today, we have:

The C4Media team

Our team is located around the globe and work remotely on an everyday basis

We are all passionate about what we are doing and we enjoy working together virtually, as well as in-person at the various conferences we organize and at our annual company meeting.

C4Media Team

Our Philosophy


Human progress through technology


We help software development teams adopt new technologies and practices


We facilitate the spread of knowledge and innovation in professional software development, by sharing the knowledge of experienced software engineers and architects.

Our Stories

Each and every one of us contributes towards helping us reach our purpose. Here are a few examples
from each team within C4Media to illustrate how we make a difference.


The InfoQ editorial support team is constantly working with new and existing editors to ensure that they are aligned with our shared purpose. We do this directly by helping queue leads to select the most appropriate news leads for innovator and early adopter topics, and also by ensuring that the news written is concise and high quality. This makes it easy for readers to build trust with InfoQ, and learn about the latest topics that will be involved with driving human progress through the use of software.

Editorial Team

We are implementing various features on infoq site that are meant to increase the reach of our content to as many developers as possible. This includes features like automatically sharing the content on other platforms (twitter, apple news, etc), or giving our users the possibility to easily share an infoq content. By doing this we help as many technical people as we can to keep up with the technologies, push for innovation in their teams, and therefore contribute to the overall progress of the software industry.

Development Team

Design and Frontend have been refining their processes to focus on making our products more accessible to people with disabilities. We've introduced new checks in our process, to test for and fix accessibility issues (color blindness, motion etc.)

Design Team

The attendees give feedback coming out of each session and the QCon operations team makes sure the speakers receive the feedback within one day of their session. They appreciate the immediate feedback because they can improve on their delivery and give better presentations.

QCon Events Team

In the time I've worked in the finance department of C4Media, I've seen first-hand how we are always searching for new ways to grow and adapt, utilizing various tools & methods to maintain an organized and coherent remote environment and avoid becoming stale or burned-out with inefficient tasks. This willingness to experiment has helped us progress, through technology, which I feel is an embodiment of our Company Purpose.

Finance Team

What I appreciate the most in my work for C4Media is that I am part of a network of people who create value for other people and for each other. We continue and complement each other's work with different skills and new ideas and sometimes out of contrast comes something challenging and innovative. We, in the HR/Recruiting team collaborate often with the Marketing team to exchange best practices for our processes. We are also looking into working with the Dev team to bring some automation tools into Recruiting. I think this kind of networks that we create and keep alive through work are powered by technology and can lead to personal and community growth and fulfillment.

HR team

Through the QCon marketing emails I try to convince past attendees or potential attendees of the benefits they would get from attending this software development conference: that will help them meet their peers, share common challenges, and find solutions from the global software developer community.

Marketing Team

Our Core Values

We run on passion and our core values are the foundation for a successful community.
We believe a great organization starts with:

  • Continuous Improvement

    We never stop learning and we strive to continually improve ourselves, our processes, and our company.

  • Core Values
  • Accountability

    We take ownership of results. We'll do what it takes to get things done and are very serious about our commitments.

  • Integrity

    We believe in honesty and trustworthiness. We publish content our readers can trust. We are being trustworthy with our readers, customers, and each other. We act in the best interests of the company.

  • Transparency

    Be transparent about process, status, expectations, feelings, successes, and failures.

  • Service

    We experience the joy of serving others. We go above and beyond for our customers, for our readers, and for each other.

C4Media Management Team

Dio Synodinos Dio Synodinos is President at C4Media. Previous roles in C4Media included Head of R&D, Head of QCon IT, Product Manager and InfoQ Queue Lead Editor. His passion is people development and coaching diverse teams that deliver extraordinary results. He has been following innovation in software development, the last 20 years, as a member of specification committees, author of technical books, author of academic publications, speaker at technical events, engineering team manager, and contributor to open source projects.

Ian Robins Ian Robins is Marketing Director at C4Media. Ian has been in B2B marketing and sales for over 20 years working in fast-growth companies within the technology, business services and media sectors. His interests include growth marketing, business strategy, and content marketing. Ian is a keen photographer, cook, and music enthusiast.

Silke D'Alessandro Silke D'Alessandro is VP of Operations at C4Media. Previous roles included Director of Events, VP of Sales, Director of Marketing and Product Manager. Her passion lies in technology and throughout her career she has been part of other tech media companies, including United Business Media (UBM) and Batanga as well as technology manufacturing companies such as Philips Electronics and Smiths Interconnect.

Advisory Board

Floyd Marinescu Floyd Marinescu is CEO and co-founder of C4Media which provides software development news and learning events serving 1.2M readers online on, and 8000 attendees annually via QCon conferences in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. Floyd is an angel investor in over a dozen startups, and has built teams and businesses in the US, Canada, China, Brazil, Europe. Floyd is also a CEO activist for universal basic income.

Roxanne Beverstein Roxanne Beverstein is a Co-Founder and as of 2019 she is the Director of Business Development. She has worked as the VP of Sales since founding the company in 2005. Roxanne has extensive experience in sales and has worked at Jupiter Media, Ziff-Davis, IDG, Cahners Publishing and Gannett. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of Wisconsin Madison. She is a climate change activist, serves on the Advisory Board for C4Media and is involved in politics.

Our 1% pledge

We care about the world in which we live and we want to make it a better place. We are doing so by fulfilling our mission to accelerate the human side of software development.

We also donate 1% of our profit to over 52 charities for different causes, which we as a company, as well as our employees, strongly believe in.

Our 1% pledge

  • Red Cross

  • World Vision

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

  • One Foundation

  • Free the Children

  • Because I Am a Girl

  • Ernstein's Women's Shelter

Want to join our fun?