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  • Daily Standup Tips - a Roundup

    We often hear stories about daily standups that have become nothing more than long daily status meetings where team members tune out. What techniques do people have for avoiding this and other standup pitfalls?

  • Social Contracts Facilitate Team Commitment

    Formalised social contracts provide a structure to help reduce the fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with organisational change, and can enable an Agile transition to go more smoothly. Israel Gat provides an example of the social contract he used at BMP Software.

  • Management Strategies For SOA

    Mike Kavis, wrote an article for the SOA institute in which he characterizes the success of any SOA implementation into four factors people, process, technology, and business. He believes that a good management strategy is to create and communicate a roadmap that plots out key deliverables in each of these areas.

  • Leading Lean & Agile – it’s all about people

    Mary and Tom Poppendieck have published a new book titled "Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are Not the Point" in which they examine the importance of leadership in Lean/Agile transformations and provide guidance for organisations making the transformation.

  • Business Case For REST

    Justin Cormack sparks a discussion about the adoption of RESTful architectures in the enterprise or the lack thereof with his post.

  • Agile Adoption: Projects Should Dive-In, Organizations Should Toe-Dip

    Hearty debate abounds about whether agile adoption is better done in a gradual "toe-dipping" manner or with an all-or-nothing "head-first dive" approach. Johanna Rothman says do both: projects should dive all-in, while organizations should take it gradually.

  • 'State of Agile' Survey Open

    The fourth annual 'State of Agile' survey is open for public participation. The 6-page survey takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and participants remain anonymous. Over the past 3 years the survey, sponsored by VersionOne, has gauged how widely agile practices have been adopted, as well as the results obtained.

  • An Evolutionary Perspective of Software Development

    Memes, originally coined by Richard Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene" are cultural genes; ideas that propagate among people and affect the way we think and act. Julian Everett has suggested that we can look at software development practices, ideas, and culture as a collection of memes. By doing so, our understanding of what works and why can be turned on its head.

  • James Shore With More On Keeping It (Agile) Real

    In a casual interview, InfoQ got to talk with James Shore about some of the topics he's been most vocal about lately, including his Art Of Agile book, recent waves of watered-down agile, and how Kanban might be less than the whole picture.

  • Is SOA Still Dead?

    Anne Thomas Manes continues blogging about SOA being dead, citing slowing software spends and SOA software infrastructure sales while other specialists blame the economy and people’s approach to SOA.

  • Measuring Agility, Craftsmanship, and Success

    While Scott Ambler, Ross Pettit and others continue to pursue the creation of a maturity model for agile, David Starr has looked at how and why an organization might want to measure things like: agility, craftsmanship, and organizational success. He found craftsmanship relatively easy to measure, while agility was the most difficult to measure in a useful way.

  • Cost Justifying an Agile Migration

    Show me the money - cost justification of Agile migration is a thorny issue. Agile approaches are more successful, deliver value sooner and produce better quality products, but how do we prove it? This article discusses measurements and presents results that help to justify adopting Agile methods.

  • The Web, The Browser And AtomPub

    In response to Joe Gregorio’s post, on why the browser is undermining the adoption of Atompub protocol, Sean McGrath, had an interesting take on the changing notion of what constitutes a web application.

  • Scott Ambler Revisits Agile Process Maturity Models

    Scott Ambler, who once wrote 'Has Hell Frozen Over? An Agile Maturity Model?', has started writing about something that he is calling the Agile Process Maturity Model. The discussion around Scott's model has uncovered another model by the same name, and renewed the debate over the usefulness of a maturity model for agile.

  • Is The Atom Publishing Protocol A Failure?

    “The Atom Publishing Protocol is a failure.” Joe Gregorio says, admitting to having met his blogging-hyperbole-quotient for the day. In a post largely about the how the level of adoption that AtomPub is seeing, is far lower than the expectation. Joe writes that “There are still plenty of new protocols being developed on a seemingly daily basis, many of which could have used AtomPub, but don't.”