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  • Unpacking How Ad Ranking Works at Pinterest

    Aayush Mudgal describes how Pinterest serves advertisements. He discussed in detail how Machine Learning is used to serve ads at large scale. He went over ads marketplaces and the ad delivery funnel, the ad serving architecture, and two of the main problems: ad retrieval and ranking. Finally, he discussed some of the challenges and solutions for training and serving large models.

  • The Road to Artificial Intelligence: a Tale of Two Advertising Approaches

    Artificial Intelligence startups received a record $26.6bn in funding last year, yet a litany of stakeholders continue to demonstrate a lack understanding and education around the discipline. It is critical that entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, and consumers all remain vigilant in properly assessing advertising claims as relates to powerful, constantly-evolving technology.

  • Safari Content Blockers Under the Hood

    With iOS 9, Apple introduced a content blocker mechanism into Safari, which will also be part of OSX El Capitan. InfoQ goes under the hood to find out how they work, and how Apple's privacy goals has resulted in certain choices in the way that the content blocker is implemented, and some ways in which a Swift content blocker can be written.