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  • Amazon Bedrock Unveils New Agents Feature

    Amazon announced the release of agents for Amazon Bedrock, a new feature that allows developers to quickly create fully managed agents. By performing API calls to enterprise systems, agents for Amazon Bedrock speed up the release of generative AI applications that can manage and carry out activities.

  • OpenJDK's JEP 451: Balancing Serviceability and Integrity in JVM

    JEP 451, Prepare to Disallow the Dynamic Loading of Agents, has been completed from Target status for JDK 21. This JEP has evolved from its original intent to disallow the dynamic loading of agents into a running JVM by default to issue warnings when agents are dynamically loaded into a running JVM.

  • Minecraft Welcomes Its First LLM-Powered Agent

    Researchers from Caltech, Stanford, the University of Texas, and NVIDIA have collaboratively developed and released Voyager, an LLM power agent that utilizes GPT-4 to engage in Minecraft gameplay. Voyager demonstrates remarkable capabilities by learning, retaining knowledge, and showcasing exceptional expertise in Minecraft.

  • Atlassian Bamboo 5.11 Delivers Continuous Integration At Scale

    Atlassian, makers of development tools such as JIRA and Confluence, have just released version 5.11 of their continuous delivery tool Bamboo with a host of new features to help teams scale and collaborate. The key feature in this new release is the ability to scale from 100 to 250 elastic build agents.

  • Ambient Computing; Emerging Applications

    Projects at the Santa Fe Complex illustrate that practical applications of ambient computing research are at hand. Ambient computing is primarily concerned with interface and interaction issues that arise in ubiquitous computing environments.

  • Pattie Maes on Ambient Intelligence

    At OOPSLA 2007, Pattie Maes gave an interesting talk about the MIT ambient intelligence projects. One project, ReachMedia, was particularly interesting from an architectural, mashup and social networking perspective.

  • InfoQ Interview: Rich Kilmer on the Power of Ruby

    Rich Kilmer is one of the Ruby world's great conversationalists and storytellers. In this InfoQ exclusive interview, Rich tells us about using Ruby at DARPA, the research arm of the USA's military, plus how he has leveraged a variety of cutting-edge software and techniques such as Flash, DSLs, OWL and semantic web technologies in conjunction with Ruby.