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  • The Traits of an Agile Nation

    Dr Rashina Hoda gave a TEDx talk in which she reflected on New Zealand’s response to the terror attacks of March 15, 2019. She described how the response showed the traits of an agile society, and presented a view of the agile manifesto values as an inspiration for societal change towards humanism and collaboration.

  • Improving The Adoption of Agile

    We should use an agile approach to adopt agile instead of adopting agile in a waterfall way, and have leaders who are willing to empower their teams and build an organization that supports them. The industry needs more practices on incrementally rolling agility out.

  • Making The Entire Organization Agile

    To make entire organization agile, we should look at finance, HR and support departments as well. This news post talks about the implementation of agile in various departments of an organization.