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  • AWS Announces the General Availability of New Security Service: Amazon Detective

    Recently, Amazon announced the general availability of Amazon Detective. This new security service in AWS allows customers to analyze, investigate, and quickly identify the root cause of potential security issues or suspicious activities.

  • InfoQ Headlines Now Available as Alexa Flash Briefing

    InfoQ released an Alexa Flash briefing that tells you the latest tech-news available on This flash briefing skill gives you an update on the latest trends in software, and summarizes it in less than two minutes. The skill is available wherever Amazon has English Alexa skills.

  • Google Teams Up With Rivals to Deliver Cloud Benchmarking Toolkit

    Are you trying to make performance comparisons between cloud providers? Google, along with a diverse set of collaborators, has released an open-source performance benchmarking framework that tests common workloads across clouds. InfoQ reached out to Google to learn more about this somewhat unusual partnership, and how the industry will benefit from it.

  • EMRFS Brings Consistency to Amazon S3

    Amazon recently announced EMRFS, an implementation of HDFS that allows EMR clusters to use S3 with a stronger consistency model. When enabled, this new feature keeps track of operations performed on S3 and provides list consistency, delete consistency and read-after-write-consistency, for any cluster created with Amazon Machine Image (AMI) version 3.2.1 or greater.

  • AWS Release EC2 Auto Recovery Feature in US East Region

    AWS released a new EC2 auto recovery feature in the US East (N. Virgina) region, which is designed to increase instance availability by automatically recovering supported instances when a system impairment is detected.

  • Kappa: Simplifying AWS Lambda Deployments

    Mitch Garnaat has created a command line tool named Kappa that facilitates the deployment of ‘Lambda functions’ to AWS Lambda, a compute service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the associated compute resources.

  • Heartbleed allows dumping client and server memory remotely

    The recently disclosed Heartbleed bug allows a remote client to query the contents of a remote SSL server's memory when using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL, disclosing passwords and other secure credentials to eavesdroppers. Application sites like Yahoo! Mail and Amazon Web Services have been affected. Read on to find out more about what the bug entails,and what you should do.