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InfoQ Article: Simplifying Enterprise Apps with Spring 2 and AspectJ

by Floyd Marinescu on  Aug 09, 2006 13

Adrian Colyer, AspectJ lead and Chief Scientist at Interface21 has contributed an excellent article which shows how to use Spring 2's new AspectJ integration features followed by a roadmap for the adoption of Aspect Oriented Programming on an enterprise project, with lots of specific examples of how and where to apply Aspects.

InfoQ Article: Application Failover using AOP

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jul 04, 2006 7

In this latest InfoQ article, Debasish Gosh writes about how AOP was used on a large financial project to transparently implement error handling logic over the Oracle 10g RAC database and IBM MQSeries, to enable transparent failover.

AOP Used to Isolate Change on Large-scale Financial System

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jun 14, 2006

A large-scale J2EE-conversion project of 50+ developers at a financial services company recently had a chance to use aspect oriented programming (AOP) as a mechanism to isolate change. Vincent Frisina, revealed some of the consequences as well as some lessons learned about Agile development.