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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Application Failover using AOP

InfoQ Article: Application Failover using AOP

AOP has recently been in the midst of controversies with Gavin King snubbing it as a totally over hyped, failed technology and Cedric Beust also expressing serious doubts regarding aspects making it to mainstream programming, branding AOP as a great idea that will remain the privilege of a few expert developers.

In this latest InfoQ article, Debasish Gosh writes about how AOP was used on a large financial project to transparently implement error handling logic over the Oracle 10g RAC database  and IBM MQSeries, to enable transparent failover.
The result was great! We achieved the goal with minimal impact on the existing codebase - thanks to the power of AOP. We used AspectJ and compile time weaving - the build time went up, but the client had a happy face using AOP as the enabler technology to prevent the big impact on codebase.

Have you used AOP to solve production issues like this? Share your thoughts!

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