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  • .NET 6: Async Improvements

    Among the over 100 API changes in .NET 6 are several features designed to make working with asynchronous code easier and safer. These include new WaitAsync methods, reusable CancellationTokenSource, and execution context management.

  • .NET 6: Date and Time Structures

    A long-standing problem with .NET’s Base Class Library is the inability to separately represent date and time values. As part of .NET 6, the new DateOnly and TimeOnly classes seek to correct this oversight.

  • .NET Core and .NET Standard: What Is the Difference?

    .NET Standard is an API specification that defines what Base Class Libraries must be implemented. .NET Core is a managed framework optimized for building console, cloud, ASP.NET Core, and UWP applications. Each managed implementation (such as Xamarin, .NET Core, or the .NET Framework) must implement their BCL according the .NET Standard.

  • .NET Standard 2.0: Setting Expectations Straight

    Following last .NET Connect 2016, a few Microsoft MVPs have published their views on what .NET Standard is and where it is headed.

  • New Task Parallel Library Features in .NET 4.6

    .NET’s Task Parallel Library is seeing a tune-up in the soon to be released .NET 4.6. In addition to some helper methods that reduce code, and possibly memory usage, TPL is gaining a solution to a tricky problem with SetResult.

  • .NET API Review Part 2

    This is part 2 of our analysis of the .NET API review meeting for January 14th. This report covers HashSet, RegEx, Process.Start, Immutable collections, and BitVector32.

  • Should all .NET Collections Implement all .NET Collection Interfaces?

    Should all .NET Collections Implement all .NET Collection Interfaces? That was the first of several important API questions asked in the .NET Core API Review for January the 14th. This video contains a recording of the discussions about ten change requests for the .NET’s base class library.

  • A First Look to .NET Core

    Microsoft announced at connect() that .NET Core would be open sourced and it would provide a single code base to support all platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Recently, Immo Landwerth, Program Manager at Microsoft, has given more details about what .NET Core is and how it will provide "the foundation for all future .NET platforms."

  • Obsolete Features in .NET 4

    With the introduction of a new CLR and Base Class Library, Microsoft has taken this opportunity to do some house cleaning. Though not much has been actually removed, we do see even longer lists of obsolete types and members. Probably the most notable is the removal of the Mobile support for ASP.NET WebForms.