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  • Ajax Framework Comparison Tools article

    A new article on BEA's Dev2Dev site provides a way to sort through the numerous Ajax frameworks that are available today. The goal of the technique is to make it easier to understand the distinctions between the various frameworks by placing them on a set of axes including declarative versus procedural and client-centric versus server-centric.

  • BEA Announces WebLogic 9.2 Platform

    BEA has announced the completion and delivery of WebLogic Platform 9.2 (Server, Portal, and Integration) that are designed to provide a unified foundation for BEA's SOA 360 platform. Kodo 4.1, Workshop, and Workshop Studio also had new releases. InfoQ summarized the new features in WL Server and Portal.

  • WebLogic Server 9.2, Portal 9.2, Workshop on Eclipse Released

    BEA last week released the WebLogic 9.2 platform family of products including WebLogic Server, WebLogic Portal (which now runs on WL 9.2), and Workshop for WebLogic (now built on Eclipse for the first time).

  • BEA Workshop (formerly M7 NitroX) 3.1 Adds EJB3, JPA, Spring

    BEA a couple of weeks ago released BEA Workshop Studio 3.1, which is the former NitroX Eclipse productivity toolset that BEA acquired when they bought M7 last year. Main features of the new release is the EJB3 ORM Workbench, bundling of the Spring IDE Project and integration with Eclipse Web Tools Project 1.0.2.