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  • AWS Introduces Batch Support for AWS Fargate

    During the first week of the annual re:invent, AWS introduced the ability to specify AWS Fargate as a computing resource for AWS Batch jobs. With the AWS Batch support for AWS Fargate, customers will have a way to run jobs on serverless compute resources, fully-managed from job submission to completion.

  • Dynein – an Asynchronous Background Job Service from Airbnb

    At Airbnb, they move time consuming, resource intensive tasks over to asynchronous background jobs to improve scalability. The job scheduling system has become a very important component and they have therefore built Dynein, a distributed delayed job queueing service and scheduler. In a blog post, Andy Fang from Airbnb describes the background and challenges in designing and building the service.

  • Google Cloud Scheduler is Now Generally Available

    In a recent blog, Google announced that customers can now securely invoke HTTP targets on a schedule using Cloud Scheduler – a fully managed cron job service that allows any application to invoke batch, big data, and cloud infrastructure operations.

  • Google Announces a Managed Cron Service: Google Cloud Scheduler

    Google announced a new Service on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Cloud Scheduler, a fully managed cron job service that allows any application to invoke batch, big data and cloud infrastructure operations. The service is currently available in beta.

  • Amazon Introduces AWS Batch Preview

    At the recent AWS Re:Invent event, Amazon announced a new preview service, called AWS Batch. AWS Batch allows organizations to optimize their scheduling and workload execution across a cloud-based landscape. Amazon has built this service in response to many AWS customers building their own batch platforms using EC2 instances, containers and CloudWatch.

  • AnyPresence Soups up Enterprise MBaaS Platform- Part 1 of 2

    Mobile Backend as a Service provider AnyPresence continues to hone their chops. Launching the fifth update to their self-titled platform geared for the enterprise. Co-founder Rich Mendis provides some insights for InfoQ readers…

  • Java EE 7, Spring Standardize Batch

    This month’s release of the Java EE 7 platform includes a specification for a batch processing programming model that is heavily derived from Pivotal’s Spring Batch project.

  • Java EE 7 Expert Group Seeking Community Feedback

    As JSR 342, the specification for Java EE 7, makes its way through early draft review the expert group is keen to get community feedback on a number of open issues. These include which of the new APIs should be added to the Java EE Full/Web Profile, as well as how to better align CDI with Java EE.

  • Alfresco Announces Activiti Project, an Apache 2 Licensed BPM Engine

    Alfresco announces their open source, Apache 2 Licensed Business Process Managment engine, Activiti, with former jBPM lead Tom Baeyens at the helm.

  • Interview: Rod Johnson About Spring Framework 3.0 & Others

    In this interview made by Srini Penchikala, with the participation of Ryan Slobojan, Rod Johnson answered many questions about Spring Framework 3.0 and other applications developed under SpringSource’s umbrella - Tool Suite, Integration, Web Flow, Batch – talking about their current status and existing plans for the future.

  • SpringOne Brings a New Tomcat Server, VMware Partnership, and ActionScript Offerings

    The announce SpringOne conference included the announcement of tcServer, partnerships with VMware and Adobe, and the new Spring ActionScript project.

  • Presentation: Enterprise Batch Processing with Spring

    In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, Wayne Lund discusses batch processing, Spring Batch objectives and features, scenarios for using Spring Batch, Spring Batch infrastructure and architecture, scaling Spring Batch, example Spring Batch code, failures and retrying, the Spring Batch Domain Reference Model and execution environment, and the Spring Batch future roadmap.

  • Spring Batch: Simplified Development of Batch and Offline Processes

    The Spring Batch project, a lightweight and comprehensive Spring-based batch framework, released version 1.0 recently. InfoQ spoke with project lead David Syer to learn more about this release and what it provides for the Spring community.

  • Interview: Rod Johnson discusses the Spring Portfolio

    In this interview from QCon San Francisco, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson discusses the origins and philosophy of Spring, the Spring Portfolio, Spring Web Flow, Spring Batch, Spring.Net, the partnership with Tasktop Technologies, and community involvement and utilization of Spring.